Attempted cover-up – confused: fake body buried in Tyrol


At the very last minute, the police in Innsbruck stopped the cremation of a fake body. A man had previously been buried in the deceased’s grave due to a mix-up – the undertaker apparently wanted to cover it up.

Just the thought of it gives you goosebumps! When family, relatives and friends wanted to say goodbye to their loved ones at the forest cemetery in Fulpmes last Tuesday, no one suspected that it was not the 100-year-old but a man (85) from Schönberg who was lying in her coffin. Because in a funeral home there was a fatal mix-up.

man should be cremated
Only after the departure of the former transport company had taken place on Wednesday did the error become clear. Particularly explosive: The 85-year-old should have been burned the next day in the crematorium in Innsbruck.

As the “Krone” learned, the story eventually developed into a criminal case like something out of a bad movie. The undertaker’s employees routinely removed the fittings from the coffin before the body’s cremation, which was scheduled for last Thursday. They opened the lid and could hardly believe their eyes: There was a woman in the coffin – the 100-year-old from Fulpmes, who was believed to have been buried two days earlier. According to information from the “Krone”, they spoke to their boss about the confusion. He allegedly asked her to remain silent about the incident.

Received by police patrol
But the employees apparently had a guilty conscience. They filed a complaint with the police, while the undertaker went to the crematorium with the swapped body. But the director was already there waiting and stopped the cremation at the very last moment.

The undertaker concerned confirmed the mix-up to “Krone”. However, he did not specifically address the charge that he wanted to cover up the incident. The employees are currently on sick leave, he has not been able to speak to them yet.

The 85-year-old has since been exhumed and the 100-year-old has been buried in the correct grave after a small funeral service.

Source: Krone


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