Up to 1980 euros more – Electricity and gas: EVN tightens price screw


Households in Lower Austria have to deal with additional costs of up to 1980 euros per year. The SP calls on the state to take over the energy supplier. How EVN argues for the price increase…

“The development in the wholesale market for electricity and gas calls for price adjustments for electricity and gas.” The succinct message sent out by EVN yesterday lists explosives. Because for customers in Lower Austria, this “adjustment” – depending on the electricity and gas consumption – means annual additional costs of up to 1980 euros.

Half of households affected
EVN spokesman Stefan Zach rushes to assure that “only about 50 percent of household customers” are affected: “Because half of our rates are not adjusted.” In addition, customers also have the chance to receive up to 17 percent EVN discounts – for example if you decide to pay by direct debit.

Discount from October
VP Managing Director Bernhard Ebner refers to the “blue and yellow electricity price discount”: “Each household can request eleven cents per kilowatt hour. This will then be settled for at least one year from October.”

Criticism of the SPÖ, FPÖ and the Greens
The Greens feel a “pure PR show” behind it. And the FP sees this subsidy disappear like snow in the sun again: “The extreme price increase is pushing more and more households to the edge of their existence”, scolded club president Udo Landbauer, demanding that the surplus profits of the energy company “flow back to all customers in full”.

“Completely take over EVN”
The SP even goes one step further: “If EVN were to resist fair prices, the state would have to take over the company completely again,” murmurs chairman Franz Schnabl.

Source: Krone


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