Big door for two brave bullfighters in the press bullfight in Murcia


Rafaelillo and Ferrera surrender to a tough and complicated Victorino brava hut to commemorate the 135th anniversary of La Condomina’s bullring

The third bullfight of the September Fair heralded, twenty years later, a bullfight of Victorino Martín, the star farm of the Cabaña Brava, in a one-on-one between two specialists, Rafaelillo and Antonio Ferrera. Poster for fans who should have gathered more audience in the line of La Condomina. The Albaserrada encaste bullfight was hard and intricate, without a bull that ended up breaking and moving down, making bullfighting possible. Presentation wise it was, of course, impeccable.

Astifino was the first, a bull that broke free and deftly picked up Rafaelillo, in sets that lengthened the journey, with his knee bent, cutting the bull in the latter. ‘Pachunqueño’, the name of the dark-haired black man, got rid of the picador and mounted the pikeman again, promptly tore off in the second thrust. First bull of two punches from the stock market. He provided the crowd with Rafaelillo, who returned to his seat after not fighting in Murcia since 2018.

It was a very short attacking bull at the start of the task, which he replaced and soon moved. The bullfighter went to the second line and there he planted his shoes and struck four consecutive blows, the last to the chest, losing his balance and being at the mercy of the bull. Fortunately he was able to escape. The next round, round, was highly creditable, with the right-hander from Murcia pulling the animal to prolong the attacks. Rafaelillo understood the albaserrada, in a work of attitude and, quoting very angrily, gave the victorino time to get what he had drinkable. Unassisted, of course, he fought with his right hand and, with the situation under control, finished the first act with a rough knee to the ground, stroking the head of the flesh. Six punctures to the bone, pointing upwards – none of them healed – caused him to lose the trophy. Silence for the bullfighter and division in drags for the bull.

Before greeting the first of his lot, Antonio Ferrera had appeared, dressed in a green cape, in a fight against the first Rafaelillo bull. That second of the afternoon was received with applause from the audience, in recognition of his rags. The victorino made a seat, who was greeted by the man from Extremadura in a green cape whom he skillfully wielded to bring the bull to the media with gaudy sets on the feet, typical of older bullfighting. He brought good luck to the animal from a distance and it promptly yanked off the horse. He came out of the blow and folded his hands and the matador asked for the change. Ferrera’s toast was for his friend Rafaelillo.

Ferrera, a specialist with this iron, soon saw the condition of the bull, which at first appeared to be moving on the stool. It took him a long time in a correct sequence and, with intelligence, he lost steps to close with the chest. He grabbed his left foot and there the victorino showed the danger. The bullfighter didn’t care that after pinning the lot, he returned to the correct python and signed a series of great characters resolved with a fan in the face. Without a sword, he continued to fight on the same side, and the square roared in another hand. More closed in the third, a party, also swordless, came more snatched. The volapié was a book, but the whole sword was not enough. He must be crazy, he hit the second blow. An audience was requested, but the president did not understand the majority. This second pass ended with an ovation for the bull and return to the ring for the bullfighter, who had to give it by acclamation.

Veleto and flesh was the third, who rammed like a fireball into Rafaelillo’s cape, which was pressed into the salute, which included the long change and lively prizes.

In the passage through the mountains the stick fell very far back. At the exit of the puyazo, the Murcian signed a withdrawal with two chicuelinas and an extraordinary average. He put away the desk and again joyfully traveled on horseback. Rafaelillo toasted to Dr. Robles.

Victorino had a motorcycle, a demanding bull. The delivery task was that of Rafaelillo, who steered from below in a first run with left. In the next, with his right hand well placed to quote, he withstood the thrusts firmly and, already with the bull shortening the travels, the Murcian was a bold move, finally catching the megaphone in the roughness of his knees facing the megaphone ended. This time the sword went in almost completely, the bull turned quickly and Rafaelillo ran the first ear of the afternoon.

He finished the room in the burladeros and cleared splinters from the boards. It was a saddled bull, which could not be seen in the cape. José María López wrote a great punch. With aprons in step, Antonio removed the meat and asked for the change of third with a single rod. He didn’t toast, and with three steps he brought the bull to the third to fight naturally with good form. After two rounds with his left foot, during which the bull moved without breaking, he attacked at the step and more asleep on the right, so Ferrera returned to the left foot to draw well-billed naturals, some beautifully smooth, fighting very slowly. He killed with a deep puncture and a full thrust, enough to award him the ear. The horned was lingering cheered.

The fifth got applause as he stepped on the albero, very attacking forward. He received it with two long exchanges Rafaelillo, who got up and signed a lively salute through aprons, squeezing the bull inside. The Murcian supplied Antonio Ferrera. Rafaelillo risked in a knees start, next to planks. He got very real on the first lap and on the third muletazo the victorino marked him with the stick in the thigh.

From there it was give and take. Rafaelillo risked his life without cheating or for a bull that shortened the attacks and chased to catch the auctions. A piece of clothing that Rafaelillo not only put on, but he did to fight well, quite an impossibility. Yet he stole mules that formed the figure, and gave the distance, one by one, of enormous merit. The bullfighter would not allow him to have a breast pass, which in those round ends the bullfighter had measured out like a tailor. Task that can be defined with the phrase of Carlos Alcaraz’s grandfather: “Head, heart and co…”. He threw the bull without a lace from an almost complete, the president took a long time to give the ear, he asked for the second and he would not give it. An error. Bullfighting isn’t all about making nice passes, it’s also amateurish to appreciate a bullfighter’s effort, dedication, courage and ability to goad a bull that wanted to grab his head. He had to go around the ring twice, with his ear, which only he knows what it cost him, in his vest.

Ferrera came out in the sixth to win the big door. On the way out he encountered a low solvency bull, but he carried two perches, which, like the whole bullfight, gave nothing away, without passing, but without the roughness of the previous one. Ferrera drew, with such material, of course with a good line, with artistic content, in a well-structured work within the complications of the res. A flat tire and a lunge that appeared did not prevent the audience from asking about the ear. He wanted to see the two heroes on their shoulders.

The bullfight for the 135th anniversary of the La Condomina bullring had many attractions, and so, with the desire to experience the celebration in a grand manner, many fans joined the celebration. Rafaelillo’s return to bullfighting in the bullring where he chose the alternative as a child in 1996, and especially after the massive takeover of Pamplona and the pandemic. The reunion, after 20 years, with a “top” ranch like Victorino, who, as the rancher and president of the Fundación Toro de Lidia said in LA TRUTH, “Hopefully I’m coming 20 years in a row now.” And Antonio Ferrera’s return to Murcia was also celebrated, “a brother” to Rafaelillo, who, while recovering in Navarra, appeared in the hospital room and did not leave his side until he was discharged. Many reasons to enjoy the third bullfight of the Murcian cycle, to return to see the burladeros with hearts in their fists and to see those mythical Victorino horns vie with the two right-handers. Murcia, with the National Day, another year.

Source: La Verdad


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