This is how they charge and have to maintain their relationship during the program: they reveal the secrets of ‘The island of temptations’


Now that many years have passed, the Murcian José Sánchez, who took part in the first edition of the “reality”, confesses that he “can talk about everything without any problem”.

The Murcian José Sánchez who took part in the first edition of ‘Isla de las Tentaciones’ talked about his experiences in the successful program on the podcast ‘I’m gonna go leave’ and revealed some secrets. The former participant and Guardia Civil warned that many years had passed and that he could talk about anything, that “there was no problem”. For this reason, he revealed how much they contractually paid him and some of the hard terms they had to respect while the “reality” aired.

José Sánchez was already a familiar face when he entered ‘The Island of Temptations’. Precisely her beauty enchanted on social networks two years before she decided to participate with her partner in the Telecinco reality star which is in its fifth edition. The photo of this shared by the Guardia Civil account on Instagram went viral and his following grew within weeks. Until he became one of the couples selected to put their love to the test, offers rained down on him to be a part of other programs on the network, such as “Mujeres y hombres y viceversa” or “Big Brother.” Although it was only in 2020 and through the hand of his already ex-partner Adelina that he was encouraged to enter the world of television.

This television immersion came about because, as José Sánchez relates, the producer contacts him and Adelina directly. From the program, they tell him that they fit perfectly and that the format is “going to promote respect, love and fidelity”. “That’s what spreads, but what interests is something else,” says the Murcian. An experience I wouldn’t repeat again: “If I find out what kind of program it is, I’ll tell you I’m not going because it doesn’t suit my way of being.”

And it is that the former contestant reported that what they told him about what the program would be on the day the contract was signed did not correspond to his experience on the island and then what was broadcast on television. “They have nothing to do with any of the three,” he said. He also revealed what he had won with ‘The Island of Temptations’ in what was the most successful edition that made waves on social networks. “You don’t make money with the program. They paid me 1,000 euros. That was one of the surprises I got when he signed,” he revealed.

The couple imagined that their time in “reality” would be better paid. For this reason, before accepting the economic agreement itself, they talked about a minimum of 6,000 or 8,000 euros. But this figure was far from what was written in the contract. And they decided to continue because they assured him from the program that success would come later.

Another condition of that contract was that the couples had to maintain a secret relationship during the broadcast of ‘The Island of Temptations’ so as not to appease whether or not they would eventually end up together. The lovers could not go out together or upload photos to social networks. From the moment the shooting ends until the series premieres, 6 months pass. “Those six months were very difficult, nothing could be shared together, we lived in the shadows,” he revealed.

Source: La Verdad


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