Perla Fuertes paints the poster for the 30th Murcia Flamenco Summit


From February 8 to 25, artists such as Vicente Amigo, Rocío Márquez and Duquende will perform

The painter from Alhama, Perla Fuertes, has been chosen for the creation of the poster for the 30th edition of the Murcia Flamenco Summit, which will be held from February 8 to 25 in all municipal theaters, the Víctor Villegas Auditorium and the Aula de Cultura de la Cajamurcia Foundation. “It’s a painting that was created ‘ad hoc’ for the Summit and on which Perla worked for weeks,” explains Antonio Parra, artistic director of the Summit, who has the advice and financial management of Antonio Montoya. “Although it seems to break with the line of more daring of recent years – for example, the one made last year by Carmen Cantabella -, in reality Perla wanted to create a feminine figure full of daring and empowerment,” adds Parra, for whom « the bailaora, who seems ready to dance or even sing, asserts her reales with force, as if challenging the power of men in society».

«His style», he specifies, «detailed and realistic, nevertheless offers powerful details, for example the position of the chair, tilted, as if to say: ‘I feel the way I really want to’».

The Murcia Flamenco Summit 2023 will include performances by guitarist and composer Vicente Amigo, Fosforito, Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, Duquende, Alba Molina, the Cartagena singer Curro Piñana, Julián Estrada, Ezequiel Benítez, Perrete, El Grilo, Cynthia Cano, the Carmen and Matilde Rubio Company and the Lo Ferro Ballet.

Source: La Verdad


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