‘The island of temptations’, to the rescue of a Telecinco among a minimal audience


The program returned with the worst premiere of any of its editions, but beat the Turkish series on Antena 3

Less than a month ago, Telecinco launched the last episode of ‘The island of temptations’. However, the chain decided to premiere this Monday, with little rest, the sixth edition of this format presented by Sandra Barneda, which tests the fidelity of couples. A launch, perhaps premature, which could be related to the delay of the new ‘Survivientes 2023’ to March (it was scheduled for February) and to the urgent need for the channel to occupy its ‘prime time’ with competing products. In January, Telecinco recorded an audience share of 10.4%, a figure much lower than that of Antena 3 (14.2%), the audience leader.

As for the first program of ‘La isla’, the format saved the furniture for a low Telecinco, although it was the worst premiere of an edition. ‘The island of temptations’, which started at 10pm and competed against the almighty ‘El Hormiguero’, drew a viewer share of 14.3% and more than 1.5 million viewers. In the time slot with ‘Hermanos’, the Turkish series broadcast by Antena 3 on Mondays and Tuesdays, the space of the Mediaset channel increased its ‘share’ to 15.3% compared to 14% determined by Atresmedia’s offer.

Compared to the debut of the previous season, released in September 2021, it lost its following (by 20.5% and 1,613,000 viewers). Despite the decline, ‘La isla’ can still imagine reaching an audience that usually does not watch live linear television.

According to the consultancy Dos30′, based on data from Kantar, the space swept the youth group (13-24 years old) to reach 30.4%; and in ‘young adults’ (25-44 years old), with an audience of 27.4%. It also scored an excellent result for children under the age of 12 (16.2% ‘share’), while the result was very poor for the over-65s: 7.5% share.

On his return, the Telecinco formula lived up to expectations. There is no shortage of reproaches, discussions, chatter and passion. But there was one participant who took the lead in the social conversation by a landslide: Naomi, a 26-year-old Valencian, who met her partner Adrián while they were working in a restaurant. The young woman burst into a rage at her boyfriend for asking to meet one of the single women she had a run-in with during the presentation. And he broke off the relationship in record time: “We are the ones who broke up the fastest,” he declared.

Telecinco’s poor audience performance coincides with the start of a new phase in the communications group. Since the beginning of the year, Mediaset’s new management team, with Alessandro Salem and Massimo Musolino as CEOs to replace Paolo Vasile, has been finalizing the company’s immediate future without making a major decision yet. At the moment, in terms of the programming schedule, there is continuity of the formats promoted by the Italian director in his last year. The most visible news to viewers is expected later.

For this reason, Telecinco is experiencing a strange January with hardly any premieres on the grill. In the coming months, the arrival of ‘Survivientes’ is expected, with Jorge Javier Vázquez hosting the main gala, and a second season of ‘Déjate querer’, this time with Paz Padilla after the departure of Toñi Moreno to TVE. The chain recently launched a second edition of “Nightmare in Paradise,” a “reality” that ended in December without the public’s support.

The new episodes of the program, which Carlos Sobera presents on Thursday and Sandra Barneda on Sunday, premiered with worse dates than the first season: a share of 10.7% and barely a million viewers.

Nor did the rewording of “Mediafest Night Fever,” which scored 8.8% and 840,000 followers on Friday, January 13; nor the premiere of the fiction “Scandal, story of an obsession”, which fell to 8.5% of the “share” in the second chapter.

Also in the afternoon, the channel does not improve with its new competitions (’25 words’ and ‘Reaction in chain’), well behind the bets of Antena 3 and TVE in the same slot. For the rest of the days, the broadcasting of films has taken up prime time. ‘Save me’, on the other hand, regained the lead with the return of Jorge Javier Vázquez and Ana Rosa Quintana continues to dominate the morning.

Source: La Verdad


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