The head of the Belfast Lyrical Theater on the return of the magic of Christmas this festive season


Musical Theater Executive Producer Jimmy Fay

The head of the opera house is looking forward to a more natural Christmas this year and has created a program full of Christmas performances to suit everyone.

This is a very different story from Christmas 2020, when they didn’t have theater shows in Belfast, including the popular holiday shows.

Last year, due to erosion restrictions closing the doors on viewers, Lyric in return invited everyone to re-create the magic of Christmas at home, with many shows available to watch or listen online.

In the past, the theater has shown countless unique Christmas shows that have delighted local audiences, including A Trip Home on Christmas and Christmas Eve That Can Kill You.

Theatrical performances returned to Northern Ireland in late July, as the Northern Ireland Executive eased restrictions on Covid-19.

Several theater owners have spoken about the challenges the industry has faced over the past 18 months and weren’t sure how they would be able to operate at reduced capacity due to social distance.

However, the show continued at many venues in Belfast after it reopened to a live audience.

This Christmas singing program is packed with festive performances for everyone, from families and fun evenings to various Christmas business parties.

The magical family dish comes in the form of Pinocchio, the greatest wonder of the time, which runs from November 26 to December 31.

There’s also all-new Christmas comedy from Christmas favorites Grimes, McKee in Grimes and McKee’s Christmas Album, which will be hosting the main stage from December 5-30.

Jimmy Fay, executive producer of The Lyric Theater, told Belfast Live: “We’ve been doing shows since July with Dracula, The Rough Girls and The Border Game, and now Pinocchio, Grimes and Mackie are waiting for us.

“Reservations have been great, but you still don’t know what Covid will bring.

“It’s tough, but it’s cool. We feel like we’re going back to normal, but we still have that weird shade.

“Due to the impact of the pandemic, we missed out on Christmas shows last year due to the impact of the pandemic. We are excited to be able to be back with a variety of amazing live theater performances.

“I hope this year is going well and I think people really want to go out and experience the culture live rather than sitting at home or watching the computer or the TV screen.”

Shameless girls ran to the Lyric Theater in September

The creative group behind Lyric’s success shows the return of Alice the Musical and Peter Pan the Musical with an all-new version of the greatest magical adventure of all time; The Greatest Wonders of the Age of Pinocchio by Paul Boyd.

This all-new musical representation of Carlo Collodi’s classic tells the story of a true living tree boy who sets out on an amazing journey to find his true family.

Featuring an amazing circus lineup of exciting musicians and unforgettable characters, including the surprisingly cunning Mr. Fox, world-famous acrobats Lady Cat and leading opera star Red Lobster.

The evil circus owner Swallowfire promises you’ll have a whale and where the little wooden boy believes anything is possible if his nose doesn’t get him in trouble.

Elsewhere, behind the comedic genius behind your favorite Christmas show, What a donkey saw, bah! Humbug, Driving Home for Christmas and many more come in the all-new Christmas comedy, not necessarily the new Grimes and McKee, from Grimes and McKee’s Christmas album.

Sales will be guaranteed, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Conor Grimes and Allison Harding as the Swallow in “Pinocchio, the Greatest Wonder of the Age” with Stephen Pages of Pigeon and Plum’s Vaudeville Circus and Alan McKee.

The script is a gift that runs this Christmas as they also announced the Travel Punk Rock Bath Assortment Theater and Bloom’s Vaudeville Circus from December 2-18.

Meanwhile, Naughton Studios will be transformed into a luxurious Victorian music hall with modern punk rock touches.

Immerse yourself in the decadent breweries of old Berlin and join 12 unusual activities at the Cabaret Circus this evening.

Jamie added: “The safety of our customers and employees remains extremely important to us. With that in mind, we have remote social offerings and we check Cowid’s status on arrival. “

The greatest wonders of the Pinocchio era can now be pre-booked from Pigeon and Plum’s Vaudeville Circus 12, თვის 12 for the Grimes and McKay Christmas album and ige 18 at

Visit the site for details on Pinocchio’s social offerings to Pinocchio’s greatest wonders and to check the Covid status for ticket holders over 18.


Source: Belfastlive


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