Nurses celebrate their international day


Murcian College commemorates May 12 with a lecture, retrospective, gift presentation and lighting of iconic buildings in the capital

The Nursing College of the Region of Murcia celebrated May 12, the International Day of Nursing, under the motto ‘For the quality of care and patient safety’. Participated in the XXX anniversary of the integration of nursing studies at the University of Murcia (UMU), with the contribution of the collection of historical nursing costumes of the first monks to care for military nursing, through the Middle Ages and modern or contemporary nursing.

The university meeting, chaired by the Rector of the UMU, José Luján Alcaraz, had as its central act the conference “Research and transfer of knowledge in the nursing discipline: 1992-2022”, given by María José López Montesinos, director and editor of the magazine ‘Global Nursing’ from the Publications Service of the University of Murcia.

The school handed out a gift to the nurses of Reina Sofía, a reference hospital in the VII-Murcia Este region, and more than 300 commemorative plaques for the event. In addition, he presented a plaque commemorating the hospital center’s 15th anniversary, an acknowledgment that should have been celebrated two years ago and which could not be carried out due to the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

In addition, last Thursday Murcia’s City Council illuminated its main buildings and avenues with the color ‘hospital blue’, as well as Grupo Fuertes’ Urban Center building (also known as the Twin Towers), which was lit for the third consecutive year in honor of the nurses and Murcian nurses.

This very important date for nursing also welcomed the launch of the Nursing Unit, an alliance that makes the unity of the whole profession essential in the face of new challenges and obligations. The new patient profile and the sociodemographic characteristics, in which chronicity is increasing, make it necessary to change the model in which the promotion of nursing care will be necessary to improve people’s quality of life. Nursing is legally responsible for care. At the same time, quality education will be ensured to educate future nurses and promote the visibility of research by nursing teachers.

The Nursing Unit consists of the General Council of Nursing, which includes the Association of the Region of Murcia, the Satse Union, the National Association of Nursing Directors (ANDE), the National Conference of Deans of Nursing (CNDE), the Nursing Associations Scientists and the State Association of Nursing Students (AEEE). One of the first actions that could be taken is a nationwide demonstration, in June next year, to show the nurses working for the different administrations.

Source: La Verdad


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