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Intimissimi spring summer 2021 collection – The family’s proposals are full of precious details Nature’s Dream, made from lace that not only contains recycled yarn, but is also dyed with vegetable dyes. The laces of this family are dyed thanks to a specific dyeing procedure that allows the regenerated yarns to be colored according to the shades deriving from some plants, which in the past were used to dye natural fibers.

Here then is used the chlorophyll extract, the concentrated natural dye obtained from alfalfa, nettle and edible plants, but also the Gallic Nut – specifically, its gallic acid and the tannin it contains – and the warm wood chestnut.

With a view to sustainable development and respect for the environment, this procedure provides, among other things, a considerable saving of water, in particular in the finishing phase, which in turn is carried out with natural softeners, to minimize the impact.

Romantic and refined, Nature’s Dream garments have been developed in a particularly delicate color palette, natural nuances such as sand or mint frame these proposals with enveloping and refined shapes.

In the shades of sand, the two-tone body and the padded triangle with underbust band are proposed, with the possibility of combining them with classic or Brazilian briefs. The two proposals can be externated in the light variant characterized by walnut dye (cecidio produced by the bite of various insects): blouse and bra top in lace will be the perfect garments to light up the spring looks with glam.

Among Intimissimi best sellers, the Elena balconette bra in lace is tinged with a whole new nuance: a delicate mint green obtained from the extraction of the chlorophyll of the chestnut plant and the Gall Walnut. Intimissimi proposes it combined with a refined high-waisted culotte.

The refined and sophisticated lace processing evokes a spring garden that slowly awakens and that after the long winter timidly welcomes the warm season and prepares to take on life and color again.

Each garment #intimissimicares it has its own specific label, a cartouche on which the materials with the lowest environmental impact are accurately reported with which it was made according to extremely transparent optics. Not only that: by scanning a specific qr code it will be possible to have access to further information on the supply chain and sustainability.

For this collection, Intimissimi has selected made in Italy ingredients by Tessitura Colombo, the holistic approach to sustainability of the collection starts from its components: the laces are made with certified recycled solutions such as Fulgar’s Q-NOVA polyamide, a 6.6 nylon fiber. eco-sustainable and Asahi Kasei’s ROICA EF sustainable premium recycled stretch fiber that gives superior comfort and a performing fit.

Not only the ingredients are able to make this line sustainably innovative and beautiful, but also the value of respect for nature guides and inspires until you get the right responsible recipe. In fact, the last additional element of the sustainable formula corresponds to the technology used for the color of the ingredients: the coloring of the lace is made with 100% vegetable dyes, this in fact is the first Intimissimi family that uses plant-based and GMO-free dyes. Nature, technology and design are the three elements that Intimissimi with Tessitura Colombo lace has placed at the center of this responsible vision.

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