the gulf stream


In the pools of the past, a mysterious chemical resembling the Higgs particle of pee was said to have created a red halo around the ureter

The ambition of the city council of Vigo deserves our applause. After lighting up the whole world with his Christmas lights and leaving New York for a simple town with street lamps, he is now on his way to clear the ocean of urine. This was an urgent matter that could not be postponed. All swimmers have once received the disturbing caress of an unexpectedly warm stream of water and prayed that it was the Gulf Stream in all caps and not the Gulf Stream in lowercase. However, I see a practical problem with this bold measure. In the pools of the past, a mysterious chemical substance, which resembled the Higgs boson of pee, was said to have created a red halo around the micturitor. At sea, this is more difficult, especially in the Atlantic, an open and turbulent ocean.

Bearing in mind that the fines for pissing in the sea will be high, I think the mayor has it all figured out, because a law that cannot be enforced is not a law but Father Ripalda’s catechism. There is certainly already a battalion of lifeguards/physiologists active in Vigo, equipped with powerful binoculars and ready to examine the gestures of the swimmers who absently walk away from the crowds, as if abandoning themselves. As soon as a blissful smile of relief appears on their faces and a slight muscle tension in their cheeks, the lifeguards/physiotherapists jump into the water David Hasselhof style, blowing a whistle and with a waterproof ticket booklet tied around their necks, ready to crack the culprit and, if he resists, strangle him.

Source: La Verdad


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