In the “Krone” interview – Mattle on chats: “It’s not my style”


Despite probably high losses, he is the most promising candidate for the governor of Tyrol: Anton Mattle (ÖVP) in the “Krone” interview about his role and his attitude to chats.

Although he is not the acting governor of Tyrol, he has a real chance of becoming one. Tyrol votes on September 25 – and the era of Günther Platter is coming to an end. Anton Mattle, who was relatively unknown until a few weeks ago, must lead the heavily crisis-ridden ÖVP as a top candidate in the elections in Tyrol and defend the position of governor. In all likelihood he will succeed, but the polls predict heavy losses for him.

„krone“: Mr. Mattle, you like to use unctuous words. You almost have the feeling that a priest has been lost in you. Was that a professional aspiration?
Anton Mattel: no. But I have a Christian-social foundation of values ​​and trust in togetherness.

Upper Austria governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) called for a “revision of sanctions” in a “Krone” interview. You’ve had his back. Your party colleague Othmar Karas is now warning you that Europe must defy history – and not the next elections…
It was annoying to me that my quote was presented in a very condensed form. I said I’m open to the proposal in principle. However, the sanctions must be checked for correctness at European level. I never said if they should be adjusted up or down. I also emphasized that the EU should not be divided on this issue.

So everything a misunderstanding? Are you satisfied with the effect of the sanctions?
You see that the sanctions are having an effect and putting pressure on Russia. Of course, the question arises as to whether the sanctions will lead to peace. But we cannot watch an aggressor attack a European country.

Let’s get to the choice. They expect you to be below 30 percent. Sounds like giving up…
I took over the party at 29 percent. When I’m on the road, I have a feeling that approval will increase and we’ll get well above 30 percent.

If the poll numbers are below par, why are you on the ballot as Anton Mattle? Or is the ÖVP brand the even worse draft horse?
The Tyroleans need to know which party they choose for the state parliament and who they choose as governor. The ballot paper reads “Anton Mattle Tiroler Volkspartei”. Anyone who knows me knows which party I belong to.

What happens if there is only a two in front of the result? That would mean that the ÖVP loses a third of the votes. Is there then on 26.9. the Anton Mattle already?
The Anton Mattle is not one to run away when the going gets tough. And I’m used to being responsible. Now I try to convince people to vote at all.

You’re on Tiwag’s board of directors. You must declare this seat after the election. You wonder: who are you holding the space for? Isn’t that the typical model of the turquoise mail thief?
Tiwag is 100 percent owned by the Tyrolean population, so those responsible must be able to bring in the right expertise and creative power.

The rumor mill is that Platter will take that position after the election…
We didn’t talk about that.

Let’s talk about inflation: the government has approved many packages, but people still feel that the government is letting them down. What mistakes were made here?
Perhaps it is the abundance of individual measures that makes the system opaque and confusing. Because the evaluation of Agenda Austria also concludes that the bottom 20 percent of the income ladder can be reached very easily with the measures. But communication needs to improve. An example: In Tyrol, we have added an energy cost subsidy to the heating cost subsidy. You get the energy cost subsidy if you earn up to 1900 euros. However, no applications have been submitted to date. There is money that is simply not being raised.

The electricity price brake will be presented next week. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Do we also need a gas price brake?
In general, the EU has to get to work, both with regard to joint gas purchasing and the joint gas price ceiling. Gas is the driving force behind the electricity price. Unfortunately, it will probably take until March before the EU can organize joint procurement. If the price of gas explodes, you have to react to it. For Tigas customers, the gas price, which had to be increased by 60 percent this year, is fixed until July 1, 2023. There will be no more price increases for the next ten months.

There is a crisis of confidence in the government, which ranks last in the confidence index. What part do the ÖVP scandals and chats have in this critical situation?
In the crisis of confidence, I hold all parties accountable. The chats, on the other hand, are about how you interact with each other. Those are things you won’t find on my phone. If I can’t get along with someone, I talk to them personally about it.

And if you’re mad at the SPÖ, wouldn’t you also write about the “red mob”?
This is not my style.

A combative VPer is Franz Hörl. In Vienna he is seen as the cable car lobbyist who, with his often bizarre statements, stands for everything that is negative about Tyrolean tourism. Can you get him under control?
Franz Hörl is a kindhearted person who supports his people. He represents his department, I have to cover the whole spectrum, so we have a differentiated approach to some topics.

That means you often disagree with him.
The great thing about Franz Hörl is that you can discuss things, loudly if necessary.

Will Nehammer be the next top ÖVP candidate?

Source: Krone


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