Guided tour of the Land – Rendi-Wagner visited “comrades” in Salzburg


For the first time since April, SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner visited her party colleagues in Salzburg. The rapid price increases and the financial turbulence at Wien Energie were the main topics in the joint discussion with the comrades.

First a media conversation, then a sausage stand. Pamela Rendi-Wagner was visiting Salzburg today, Thursday. The SPÖ leader, together with state leader David Egger and Bernhard Auinger, deputy mayor of the city of Salzburg, answered the burning questions of journalists and the population. Thursday at the Schranne, where else?

The most urgent problem was the constantly rising energy prices, which, according to the SPÖ leader, can only be brought under control through the intervention of the European Union or the federal government. “We have to act quickly now,” Rendi-Wagner says.

What is currently costing the SPÖ popularity points is the financial turbulence at Wien Energie. However, the energy supplier of the SPÖ-administered federal capital is just a victim of the market and the absurd trading on the Leipzig power exchange. The current turbulence is not just a Viennese problem, according to Rendi-Wagner.

After a working meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Salzburg, Bernhard Auinger, Rendi-Wagner also visited the company’s Europark and nursery.

Source: Krone


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