Interview with the PNV deputy, Aitor Esteban, on September 14, 2022 in Euskadi Irratia


The PNV spokesperson in Congress says that the Basque and Spanish governments are already working on the proposal: “If there is a will, which I think there is, we will channel it.” Likewise, he has predicted that there will be “progress” on transfers in the coming months.

Euskaraz irakurri: Banquetxeei ezartzekoa zaien zergaren figura juridikoak bidea “zailduko” die EAEko ogasunei, Estebanen ustez

The PNV spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Estebanhas ensured that the legal concept chosen to process the temporary tax on banking and energy “will complicate” the collection of Basque haciendas.

The Congress of Deputies yesterday gave the green light to process this temporary tax, with support from PNV and EH Bildu, among others. However, both forces were critical as they believed that the proposal, as it stands now, could constitute a violation of jurisdiction (in the Basque Autonomous Community, tax collection is done by the provincial treasuries) and they demanded a change in that. sentence.

In an interview presented to Euskadi Irratia’s “Faktoria” program, Esteban believes that the chosen legal figure – the so-called patrimonial provision – is the way the Spanish government has found “to protect itself from a possible appeal to the court, but it is true that it makes the agreement difficult”. However, he is confident that both governments, which are “already talking”, will manage to “channel” it, given the “good will” shown by the executive of Sánchez. According to Esteban, “we will have to make it very clear, we will have to make some technical adjustments and we will also have to wait and see what Europe says.”

The leader of jeltzale also believes that legal “alignment” that this additional cost of the companies is not ultimately borne by the population or that the tax is calculated according to the expected extraordinary benefits. “The haste and that blow that Sanchez wanted to give when he announced the measure, when the polls were so against it, made him present it without the proper prior reports,” Esteban said, and that’s where those “legal doubts” come from.

about the competencies that have yet to be handed over to Euskadi, Esteban has shown that he is “hopeful not only that the calendar will be met, but that there will be progressHe expects them to arrive “in December, or maybe at least January-February, during the next monthsReferring to Andueza’s (PSE-EE) statements, he confirms that “it is embarrassing that it is said that the matches are not important. Don’t they say the law must be followed? So be it. It doesn’t matter if they don’t matter, it’s the law,” he added.

Regarding Feijóo’s PP, Esteban revealed that “there has been no call from the PP, and it’s not that we have any special interest in meeting him. Everything is pure speculation,” he says.

Finally, he says of the blockade to renew the Constitutional Court that his party “wants nothing to do with that sauce of villains.” Esteban believes there are “political and personal interests; let them resolve them,” he stressed.

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Source: EITB


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