Building evacuated – bomb threat via telephone in Viennese social services


Out of anger at the authorities, a Syrian asylum seeker threatened an assassination attempt at a branch of the Vienna MA40 in Liesing – a large-scale police operation followed. The property has been evacuated and searched…

Shock call Tuesday afternoon around 3:00 pm for a magistrate employee of the department of social affairs, social and health law in the 23rd district of Vienna. Because on the phone, an apparently Arab-born man threatened that he had planted a bomb in the offices of MA40 – large-scale operation!

building evacuated
The police were immediately alerted and so-called explosives experts also arrived. The branch of the social services in Liesing was evacuated for security reasons and the building was searched for a possible booby trap. Finally everything could become clear: no bomb was found.

Phone number led to suspect
However, the studies were quickly successful! Because practically at the same time, the previously unknown murder threat could be traced based on the phone number. As a mother’s death racer at an illegal downtown street race, the suspect is a Syrian.

The 30-year-old man reported here has been arrested and the judiciary must now decide whether he can be taken into custody or released. His motive: anger at social services.

Source: Krone


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