Red-White-Red Card – childcare allowance for displaced persons in Ukraine is coming


Ukrainians who fled to Austria before the war will have retroactive access to childcare benefits from March 2022. The National Council decided on Wednesday evening with a large majority. Only the FPÖ voted against, which also refused access to the red-white-red card for third-country nationals.

Ukrainians who have been expelled have a temporary right of residence in Austria in accordance with the Asylum Act and the Ordinance on Removed Persons. In July it was already decided to grant them child benefit.

The childcare allowance scheme will now take effect retroactively from March 12 and will expire on the day that the right of residence ends, but no later than March 4, 2024.

With the Red-White-Red Card, applications for a residence permit can now also be submitted domestically, provided that the entry into Austria was lawful. The aim is to promote qualified migration of third country nationals.

In addition to highly skilled workers, this includes skilled workers in shortage occupations, key workers, permanent seasonal workers and academics.

Source: Krone


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