“People know me” – Van der Bellen hopes for a “mandate” in the 1st vote


Incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen hopes to receive “a mandate for a second term” in the first round of the presidential elections on October 9. That said the Federal President on the margins of the UN General Assembly. Van der Bellen succinctly justified why he did not want to enter into TV discussions with the six opponents before the first vote: “You know me.”

Regarding his desired outcome, the incumbent Federal President did not want to get involved in numbers games or predictions: “I always say ‘majority is majority’. So I will be very pleased if the majority of Austrians gives me the mandate for a second term in office on 9 October.” “I do believe it would be nice if this matter was clarified as soon as possible.”

No “refusal” from TV discussions
When asked whether it was questionable in terms of Democratic politics that he refused TV talks with the other candidates for the presidential election, Van der Bellen said in an interview with the APA: “What does it mean to refuse? There is a sitting president. I. And there are six other people who have applied for the office of Federal President. I am known. By now we have gained almost six years of experience. You do not know the other six in this form, how they would behave in certain situations. ” The six other candidates should therefore “talk to each other about certain questions”, concluded Van der Bellen.

In a second election, the federal president did not want to reveal whether he would join the remaining challenger in the TV debate ring. He agrees with the English, he said, “If and when I get to that bridge, I decide how to cross it.” crotch). The question is the “if” and the “when”, formulated Van der Bellen. “If that’s the case, then we’ll see.”

Government work: ‘A lot has already happened’
Van der Bellen assessed the current performance of the federal government ÖVP-Green as follows: “A lot has now been achieved in the field of inflation compensation. That goes into the billions, which is on the way here. Quite apart from the fact that the cold profile is also eliminated and various social benefits are valorised. For the first time in post-war history, as far as I can see now.” “A lot has already happened and a lot of brainpower and energy has been put into the considerations,” praised the head of state. Addendum: “We’ll see if that’s enough in the coming months.”

Van der Bellen does not believe that there could be a candidate after the state elections in Tyrol that he would not swear in as governor. To a corresponding APA question, he replied: “Well, that is primarily a matter for the Tyrolean state parliament. In retrospect, as Federal President, I will be responsible, so to speak, for the swearing in of the new governor. I assume that it will become a man again. But that is something very different from the ministerial question. I could signal in advance: Keep in mind that the next person does not seem suitable to me. With the governor it is completely different.” That is where the state parliament decides, says Van der Bellen, but: “I can hardly imagine that I would then say that I do not accept the decision of the state parliament. Well, that’s not an issue for me.”

Source: Krone


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