Nadal: “When Roger leaves, a part of my life will also leave”


Rafael Nadal sure enough, with the departure of Roger Federer of the professional circuit, an “important part” of his life is also gone.

“In the end it was very emotional”Nadal said in a press conference after playing with Federer in the last match of his professional career. “It is an honor to be a part of this important moment in the history of our sport.”

“Many years sharing many moments. When Roger leaves the circuit, an important part of my life also leaves.”

Nadal commented that the first serves in the match “they are very poor”because I was “shaking” with nerves and couldn’t go out normally.

“But I enjoyed this moment, being a team with him. It makes it more special. I can’t say one particular moment. This night will be unforgettable”closed the Balearic Islands.

“I can’t miss this day”

then, Nadal shows his support to Roger Federer on the day of his retirement and said that he could not miss it, despite the fact that he had spent a “complicated week” on a personal level.

Nadal participated this Friday in the final professional match of Roger Federer’s career as his doubles partner. “It’s funny, unforgettable, it’s also sad. It was difficult -to describe it-, there were many emotions, but in the end, it was a very special day, unforgettable and in the end for everything there is a beginning and an end. It’s life,” Nadal told Spanish media.

I am very happy that Roger, after many difficult moments that I know has happened in recent times, has been able to say goodbye to the track. That, personally, he knew it was difficult for him to go through what he was. I’m happy that he said goodbye, happy that he got the moment he deserved on the track, in front of so many people and the world saw him say goodbye on the track, for me it’s something he really deserved. no doubt. Someone is leaving who became an icon and one of the most important icons in the history of sport in general,” he added.

The Spaniard was very emotional post-match and broke down in tears on the bench with Federer, who also couldn’t hold back his tears. “I’m a pretty sensitive person. I’m not worried about -crying- either. Crying is good sometimes. You need to let go of these emotions. A part of my life is gone so it’s hard.”

Nadal, who is expecting the birth of his first child in the coming weeks, assured that they had been a “difficult week”, with little sleep. “It’s been a tough week, few hours of sleep, a bit of stress in general. The situations are a bit more complicated than usual at home. I had to deal with a different pressure than you’re used to in professional life. Luckily the it’s all OKcalmer and in that sense I got here, which is important to me,” said Nadal.

It’s important to me because I know how much it means to him. I have had a pretty close personal relationship for a long time. The fact of being on the Players’ Council also means that we have to talk about things weekly and in the end I haven’t retired yet, but I know when you’ve been injured for a long time, you don’t see it. the end, it’s frustrating and in that sense for him have been difficult times, with recoveries that take a long time, a lot of mental effort and in the end you realize that you are not getting there. The fact that he retired from the track means a lot to him and I can’t miss this day. And here I am, beyond the personal circumstances I was in.”

The Spaniard, who has not competed since falling in the US Open round of 16 against Frances Tiafoe, confirmed that he will not play again in this Laver Cup. “I’m not well. I’m not going to play. Whether I go or not… I have to go back to the room and think about it.. That’s what I have to say. I have a very important inner conflict and right now I can’t answer you. When all these moments of excitement are over, I will go back to my room and see what I have to do.”

Nadal also spoke about whether his friend’s withdrawal made him think about what he wants in his future retirement. “I don’t know, I’m not at that point yet. I was close to that time this year, I won’t lie to you. During Roland Garros I thought it might be my last tournament, this is the truth. Although since then everything has been very bad physically, I broke my stomach twice, at Wimbledon and in New York. It is an accumulation of important misfortunes, added to all these personal things. But I wasn’t in that moment and I don’t want to think about that moment. Now, what I want is to get back to normal, so that everything goes well in my personal life, which is the main priority, and then organize my life in the right way. Have peace of mind in my personal and professional life.

In closing, Nadal left a ray of hope that he will be on the court with Federer once he overcomes the physical problems that have kept him out of competition for fourteen months. “I’m sure we’ll be on the court again to play”added the man from Manacor.

Source: La Verdad


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