Good times over? – First VP silencer after 12 electoral successes under Kurz


The ÖVP suffered heavy losses in the Tyrolean state elections on Sunday – although these were less than polls had suggested. Previously, the People’s Party – under the rule of Sebastian Kurz – had electoral successes all along.

With the somewhat delayed fall, the elections in Tyrol should not have major consequences for the People’s Party at the federal level either. It was already clear that the ÖVP would not be able to celebrate any major electoral victories after the corruption investigations became known, including the resignation of Sebastian Kurz and his followers.

Under Kurz, there was cause to celebrate in all 12 federal and state elections
It was there before, since Kurz became party leader in 2017 and the unpopular grand coalition broke up. From the new National Council elections convened at the time to the elections in Upper Austria almost exactly a year ago, the ÖVP has been able to celebrate all twelve federal and state elections. The one time that the vote share did not increase, but shrank slightly, the then new governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner was unexpectedly able to defend the absolute mandate in Lower Austria.

Where will the People’s Party lead?
Everywhere, the ÖVP came out of all-time lows when Kurz took office in 2017 in the federal government and in eight states. This is also because the VP of the FPÖ – who has been regularly punished since 2019 for the Ibiza video and donation scandal – has turned many voters away with a hard line on foreign policy.

In Tyrol, the tide has turned: the ÖVP lost and has to settle for a new historical low (the worst result so far was 39.35 percent in 2013) – and vice versa, the FPÖ won again.

There are three more state elections next year
Whether the good times for the ÖVP are really over will become clear in the spring of next year: in addition to the “red” Carinthia, two VP-dominated states, Lower Austria and Salzburg, will have to re-elect their state parliaments.

Federal ÖVP sees losses lower than feared
ÖVP Secretary General Christian Stocker downplayed the ÖVP’s losses in Tyrol on Sunday and put them in first place. “The People’s Party remains by far the strongest force in Tyrol, far ahead of all other parties.” Top candidate Anton Mattle has set himself the target of exceeding 30 percent and has clearly succeeded. Green boss Werner Kogler was optimistic and explained the losses with the hard times.

Expert sees slap in the face for ÖVP, but disaster avoided
The Tyrolean state election left the ÖVP with a deep black eye, but the catastrophe – the loss of the governor’s seat – could be averted. “But to build a victory out of this defeat is absurd,” said political adviser Thomas Hofer.

According to pollster Peter Hajeh, one of the reasons for the poor performance of the People’s Party is certainly the fact that the transfer of the party leadership was anything but smooth. “Platter gave up at an inopportune moment and tied a heavy backpack to his successor,” emphasizes Hofer. However, this result also reflects the fact that the federal government is currently facing strong headwinds. “In 2018, the Tyrolean ÖVP was carried by the wind at the back of a still spotless Sebastian Kurz”, today the federal government is under constant criticism.

Source: Krone


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