Greens make a start – After the elections in Tyrol: ÖVP starts with “first talks”


After the defeated state elections, the Tyrolean People’s Party began “first talks” with all parties represented in the state parliament on Tuesday afternoon. The Greens are first, followed on Wednesday by NEOS, List Fritz, SPÖ and FPÖ.

The party stressed to the APA that the talks were about “parliamentary cooperation”, not about possible cooperation with the government. That is why the FPÖ was also invited.

“There will be no talks about government participation with the FPÖ,” the ÖVP renewed. The reason for the fact that Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday really started was a state parliamentary inquiry that took place in the mansion. “The goal is to get the talks going quickly,” he said. Only after the first conversations do the exploratory conversations continue.

Eddy about statement World Cup boss
In the morning, however, the discussion about possible coalition variants flared up again. The reason for this was the decision of Chamber of Commerce chairman Christoph Walser, according to which no three-way variant with the NEOS was an option for him. State Vice President Johannes Margreiter saw this as proof that the economic association was only concerned with maintaining power, posts and kindness.

State party keeps an option open
While Walser had ruled out NEOS as a coalition partner and believed he was also speaking on behalf of the business association as a whole, the state party kept the option of a three-party coalition, including NEOS, open at a board meeting shortly afterwards. There would be a majority with NEOS and Liste Fritz, as well as with NEOS and the Greens.

However, if one were to follow Walser’s announcements and include the exclusion of the FPÖ from coalition talks, only black and red and an alliance of ÖVP, List Fritz and Greens would suffice.

Of course, the current skirmish has a history: NEOS top candidate Dominik Oberhofer had ruled out a joint government with Walser and Mario Gerber, also a prominent representative of the Economic Association, before the election.

FPÖ denounced ‘exclusion policy’
On Tuesday, the FPÖ again denounced Mattle’s “exclusion policy”, which had excluded the PVV as a coalition partner. At the same time, a “wave of newcomers” to the party was reported as a result. Within 48 hours, over 100 new member signups were received, as well as over 200 notifications on the online “activation platform”.

State party leader Markus Abwerzger again targeted the SPÖ in connection with the APA. And that’s because she wanted to continue in a government with the ÖVP, even though she only came in third. SPÖ leader Georg Dornauer declared before the elections that the “two largest parties” should form a coalition. “I take him at his word,” Abwerzger said.

Source: Krone


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