Start first talks – Tyrol: VP boss Mattle is looking for state councilors


After the state elections come the (coalition) negotiations: is the “core team” of the Tyrolean People’s Party a foretaste of the future state government? In the poker game for a possible coalition, the SPÖ could demand three state councilors. Or else everything will be different. As far as parliamentary cooperation is concerned, the talks are really gaining momentum today, Wednesday. The ÖVP and the Greens had already met on Tuesday afternoon.

VP chief Anton Mattle does not want to waste time forming a government and wants to set one up as soon as possible: the concerns of the people cannot be postponed, he said.

What should Mattle watch out for?
Of course, there has been a behind-the-scenes struggle over high-paying positions and positions of influence. The focus of both the ÖVP and the possible coalition partner SPÖ is of course on the civil service: who gets what? When it comes to members, Mattle has to pay attention to the powerful federations, but also to geographical balance and especially to a section of women who don’t just look at quotas.

Room for SPÖ in the Presidium
But the first question will be: how big will the new government be? Does it stay at eight o’clock or is it less in times like these? So far, the ÖVP has supplied six members of the government and the Greens two. With the ÖVP losing three seats in the state parliament and the SPÖ almost twice as strong as the Greens, the Reds could demand a third state councilor. Or the SPÖ will stick to two and get positions in the presidium of the state parliament, in which the Tyrolean VP previously held two of the three.

Government downsizing would also be an option
It would also be conceivable to reduce the government to seven. But then relatively large departments would arise, which in turn could lead to a standstill, as can be seen in the city of Innsbruck: there the multi-mayor’s office Georg Willi (Greens) has so far achieved little with its super department.

Only one woman on the core team
The ÖVP avoids naming government members as much as possible. So far, there is only a core team around Mattle that should lead the coalition talks. But this is not a sign of renewal. The only newcomers to the inner circle are tourism spokesman Mario Gerber and Barbara Thaler (EUP) – the only woman on the committee. Former bosses Josef Geisler, Johannes Tratter and Jakob Wolf continue to pull the strings.

Source: Krone


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