Baby in a bag – brood number two at Koala’s in Schönbrunn


Baby in a bag – brood number two at Koala’s in Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna has a nice surprise in store for you. Because – for the second time in the history of the zoo – there are offspring among the koalas.

“Koalas are about a month pregnant, the birth is rather inconspicuous – barely noticeable even to the care team,” reports Eveline Dungl, responsible zoological department head. The first effort for the undeveloped young animal is the path from the birth canal to the pouch. As big as a gummy bear, he crawls up the path himself – still blind and deaf. “The mating took place in March, so the birth can be dated to April,” explains Dungl.

“Growing success is a great pleasure”
The second offspring of the Schönbrunner koala couple stands for a suitable composition and professional care of the animals. “Koalas are relatively rarely kept in zoos outside Australia, but are clearly an endangered species due to habitat loss. We are delighted to have another breeding success like this,” said zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck.

For visitors, the current progeny is currently very rare and difficult to see. Every now and then a hand or a foot swings out of mommy “Bunji”‘s pouch. Development in the pouch lasts up to six months, at about 22 weeks the young animal opens its eyes and interest in the world outside the pouch increases. The sex cannot be determined until a later date.

Source: Krone


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