EH Bildu presents ten measures for ‘great welfare pact’


“Faced with rising social inequalities,” the left-wing coalition puts on the table ten measures to “guarantee the material basis of well-being” and “build a new model of wealth distribution”. They lead to an open debate between different agents.

The degradation of public services and the increase of social inequality. Two trends that EH Picture, it is urgent to reverse this through “a major social pact of a state nature” that makes it possible to “approach the future with the strongest possible guarantees”. To achieve this goal, the coalition proposes a starting point: a open discussion between social, political, trade union and economic agents.

Under the title “Welfare Pact”EH Bildu today presented a document in which the ten measures that the left coalition proposes in light of this agreement; five of the proposals are “aimed at guaranteeing the material basis of well-being”, while the other five seek to formulate a new strategy “for a profound distribution of wealth”. Arnaldo Otegic Y Otxandic hair, general coordinator and program director of the sovereign coalition, respectively, were responsible for unraveling the document during a press conference hosted this afternoon in San Sebastián. Both have insisted that after the 2008 economic crisis, “social inequalities are becoming increasingly apparent”, defining the document as the roadmap to be followed in building “a society without social divides”.

On the one hand, the first part of the text contains proposals to guarantee a fair price for energy, increase wages and pensions, recognize the right to housing, strengthen public services — health, education and social services — and free transport. to encourage. Meanwhile, a second block outlines measures to implement tax reform, redistribute corporate profits or redefine new investment policies.

distribution of wealth

When it comes to wealth distribution, the coalition plans to tax reform based on a “fair and progressive system”. “A system that brings us closer to the average European tax burden, causing most to pay more and tax corporate profits,” they said. To do this, it would be necessary to reform corporate, personal and wealth tax “urgently” and these powers would have to be in the hands of the haciendas of the CAV and Navarra.

In this sense, the coalition also claims that all “the wealth generated by companies in the company itself” and that the destination of that money is determined “through negotiations between companies and unions”. Activate new minimum income guarantee mechanisms.

With this scenario, EH Bildu believes it is necessary to new investment policy“because when you decide what to invest in, you decide where to stop investing.” Among other things, the “Welfare Pact” proposes to redirect the budgeted items for large infrastructures such as the TAV to matters such as “energy transition, transformations in industry or public services”. They recall that “there is still more than 5,000 million to spend on the Basque Y and other superstructures.”

guarantee well-being

Of the measures aimed at guaranteeing the material basis of well-being, EH Bildu considers it urgent intervene in the energy market to offer “energy at a fair price” to citizens and small businesses alike.

Likewise, in the context of the current crisis, the coalition believes that “it is more excruciating than ever to understand housing as a business, both passive and active”. “Effective measures must be taken so that the housing is understood as a rightintervene in the real estate market”, they have clarified.

Finally, in salary and pension mattersthe coalition understands that the increase in remuneration based on the CPI and the minimum pension of 1,080 euros are two essential points for progress in well-being.

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Source: EITB


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