Causa naturalizations – ÖVP mock: “Ludwig scares off his own comrades”


As reported, the mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) is in favor of faster naturalization. But with this proposal he even causes fierce resistance in his own party. Due to the differences that have become public within the comrades, the People’s Party locates a “fight between the wings of the SPÖ”. VP Secretary-General Christian Stocker mockingly commented: “Ludwig scares the rest of the country, including his own party members.”

“By Ludwig, supported by the governor of Carinthia, Peter Kaiser, he wants to introduce automatic citizenship, among other things, he alienates the rest of the country, including his own party comrades,” said ÖVP Secretary General Christian Stocker about the current case in a broadcast.

“Make a wish” rules
In his view, Ludwig’s demands were not only clearly against the will of the Austrian people, but were also rejected by large parts of his own party. “The Burgenland Doskozil-SPÖ in particular does not think about Ludwig’s make-a-wish rules at all,” says the general secretary of the People’s Party, Christian Stocker, about the naturalization case.

Ludwig demands reform
Ludwig presented reform proposals on citizenship at the “Vienna Conference”. The red mayor wants to make access easier, among other things by shortening the waiting time of five years. That alone would result in 902,387 neo-Austrians. Ludwig also wants to remove the financial barriers (many have low paying jobs) and automatically grant citizenship to those born in Austria whose mother or father has legally resided in Austria for three years. FPÖ and ÖVP are strictly against it.

LH Wallner: “The central element must be integration”
“It is clear to me that naturalization in general cannot be simplified,” said Vorarlberg Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP). Integration should be the central element of a citizenship award. Wallner viewed citizenship as a “great good” that can only come at the end of a successful integration process. “Anyone who wants to become Austrian at the end of the integration process must do something for it, as before,” the governor said.

FPÖ: “Left-wing fantasies of the Viennese SPÖ chic crowd”
Carinthian FPÖ leader Erwin Angerer described Ludwig’s demands as a “complete loss of reality” and “distraction from one’s own incapacity”. He was also not afraid to criticize Kaiser: “It shows once again that Kaiser is closer to the left-wing fantasies of the Viennese SPÖ chiceria than to the needs of the Carinthian population.”

Ludwig: Headwind also from our own camp
There is also headwind for Ludwig from his own party: “For us, the new citizenship scheme is not a problem, and we do not understand the discussion at the moment,” explains Burgenland’s state manager Roland Fürst. “We also have a much bigger problem with inflation.” Peter Kaiser from Carinthia stands by Ludwig’s side. “We must have the courage to move forward. You cannot exclude every fifth person. This will neither strengthen democracy nor lead to social peace.”

Source: Krone


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