The message indicates that Almeida called Luis Medina before the commissioners were negotiating with the city council.


Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida contacted the accused Luis Medina and his partner Alberto Luceno, who is also under investigation, in full negotiations with the Madrid City Council. After uncovered an anti-corruption prosecution investigation, Martinez-Almeida uncovered a call to Medina, no one questioned him about it and did not know how to establish it in a timely manner. A summary of the case, which was accessed by, reveals that the call came on March 26, four days before the investigators entered the first commissions in the € 1 million Luis Medina case, and while Lucienio was still holding orders. As evidenced by several messages added to the case.

An investigation by the anti-corruption prosecution into the collection of millionaire commissions by two businessmen showed that many of these messages intersected between one of the accused, Alberto Luceno, and Elena Collado, a high-ranking Consistory official who was centralized in the effort. Contract to purchase the material at any cost. “Luis has already told me that Almeida called him,” Lucienio told his interlocutor.

It was Kolado who handed over to the anti-corruption prosecutor a record of messages to Luceno, which begins on March 23, 2020 and ends in November of the same year, a few days before investigators arrived at City Hall requesting information about the case. And an investigation has already begun. By that time, back then, Lucienio and his partner Medina had already agreed to inflate prices behind the council to allow millionaire commissions to accrue from the municipal line. Masks, tests and gloves were already on the way and Luceno and Colado closed shipping details via WhatsApp.

It was then, on Thursday, March 26, at noon, that Luceno sent a message to the interlocutor when both were talking about contracts. “Luis has already told me that Almeida called him,” Lucenio said. Collado, who testified in anti-corruption a year later, knew nothing about the case. “Well, the material has been confiscated for 5 hours and I could not understand it,” he replies.

The call has been repeatedly acknowledged by the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida. But it was limited to the fact that he limited himself to thanking only for donating Medina masks. A few days ago, the advisor assured that the call “comes after the signing of the contract, because I am informed that he intends to donate 183,000 masks from April 12 to 15.” This means that the mayor knew about the donation of masks from Medina at least 22 days before it happened and that he thanked him when their delivery was not yet secured due to the difficulties posed by the market.

Louis Medina Abascal, son of the late Duke of Feria, arrived at City Hall after contacting the mayor’s cousin and enjoying his glory. The mayor said he never spoke to the aristocrat during the hiring and when he contacted his cousin, but he did so later to thank him for the donation.

Source: El Diario


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