“Months too late” – Repeal corona laws? FPÖ can’t wait


“Let’s see,” FPÖ health spokesman Gerhard Kaniak told Green Health Minister Johannes Rauch. He had announced to the ‘Krone’ on Saturday that he would abolish all Covid laws and regulations during the course of the year. “Rauch exactly follows the arguments and demands of the FPÖ. However, the Minister of Health is months too late,” said Kaniak.

As readers of “Krone” first learned, the Health Minister wants to get back to normal from Covid management. According to the minister, the mask obligation that still exists in Vienna will soon be dropped. Above all, the FPÖ should be pleased with the announcement – ​​Rauch, however, is months late.

“I also expect the laws to be abolished immediately – and not gradually and spread over the whole of 2023, as I interpret Rauch’s statements,” Kaniak demanded.

Corona budget must flow to healthcare
For the FPÖ member of the National Council, it is high time to tackle and eliminate the health care crisis. This has been exacerbated by government measures. “Hundreds of millions of euros have been budgeted for measures related to Corona this year. These funds must be harnessed and used to rebuild our health care system,” the liberal health spokesperson stressed, so that bed and ward closures due to staff shortages or too long waiting times for operations are finally a thing of the past.

According to Kaniak, the FPÖ’s concepts for restructuring the health system have been on the table for many months. “General medicine and residential care should be strengthened, nursing and other health professions should be given more skills, bureaucracy and administrative work should be reduced, a personnel offensive and full inflation compensation for health workers,” the MP listed the main ones. points.

Source: Krone


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