Criticism of the government – FPÖ leader Kickl wants to “rework” corona policy.


Federal party chairman Herbert Kickl of the FPÖ sharply criticized the corona policy of the federal and state governments on Wednesday (see video above). The blue frontman wants to hold those responsible in politics accountable with a “ruthless reappraisal”. In addition, it is necessary to “get the victims out of the taboo zone”, and that will happen at the latest when there is a liberal chancellor.

Although the turquoise-green federal government is gradually lifting the corona measures, Kickl is launching a frontal attack. In a press conference, he demanded that existing measures not only be lifted during the year, but already at the next meeting of the National Council.

“Victims Get Their Vote”
It was the biggest attack on the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Second Republic that needs to be clarified. “People have been harmed, but the federal government and state governors are doing everything they can to make people forget about all this. The strategy of the powerful is to ‘sweat’. But we do the opposite. We will continue to remember you and continue to do educational work. The victims will speak up.”

Kickl spoke of the current backward movements of the political apparatus in view of the crash in the polls. The fact that the “compulsory vaccination” against Corona was lifted was purely due to political pressure from the FPÖ, he said. However, none of the political leaders ever apologised, and: “The system and the actors are still in office and with dignity.”

New book titled “And the Schwurbler was right after all”
The reason for the statements was the presentation of a book by FPÖ national councilor Gerald Hauser together with the Tyrolean urologist Hannes Strasser under the title “And the Schwurbler was right… THE Corona fact check”. The deputy claimed an “alternative to the system parties narrative” and thanked the “alternative media” for spreading his messages.

Strasser spoke of “tens of thousands of vaccine side effects and thousands of deaths (as a result of the Covid vaccination, note) in Austria”. Politicians ignored the fact that Corona was no more dangerous than the flu and that the vaccination did not protect against serious cures.

Huge sums of money have been spent on testing and corona measures, at the same time “we are witnessing the collapse of the health system in the front row.

Source: Krone


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