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Not only on Halloween, but also on New Year’s Eve there were riots in Germany and Austria. The perpetrators increasingly fit the profile: young, male and with a migration background. Has integration failed and how can we prevent such excesses of violence in the future? Katia Wagner talks about this with her guests on Wednesday 8:15 PM on!

The photos and videos on the social networks of New Year’s Eve in Vienna and Berlin leave you speechless. Youths armed with firecrackers who engage in street fights with the police and riots in the streets demonstrate a new form of disrespect. Most of the rioters have one thing in common: the migration background…

Halloween riot: 83 of 129 suspects did not have an Austrian passport…
Young men with a migration background were also at work during the Halloween riots. Of the 129 suspects identified by the police, no less than 83 people did not have an Austrian passport! Six of them were asylum seekers, 35 of them were entitled to asylum and 24 had permanent residence status. The chaotic people who threw fireworks, bottles and stones at passers-by and police officers were largely guests in our country.

Cannon fire, attacks on police officers: “little pashas” at work
Bad scenes also occurred in Germany on New Year’s Eve. Firefighters are said to have been ambushed and threatened with an empty gun, passers-by were attacked with fireworks and shop windows were vandalized. As in Vienna and Linz, the perpetrators were mainly non-German citizens, and the CDU chairman Friedrich Merz spoke of them as “little pashas”. That also earned him a lot of criticism.

Mansour: “Europe has a problem with violent migrants”
The integration expert Ahmad Mansour warns of a “problem with violent migrants”. What is the problem and what can be done about it? That’s what the bestselling author explains in a conversation with Katia Wagner on Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on! Join the conversation and tune in!

Katia Wagner – the talk, every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on and at 11:00 pm on ntv Austria!

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