After the elections in Lower Austria – Doskozi does not want to add fuel to the fire at SPÖ


With a view to the upcoming state elections, Hans Peter Doskozil, the party leader of the Burgenland SPÖ, does not want to stir up the discussion about the federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner – at least not at the moment. Because even if it is a “difficult phase” for social democracy, now is not the time to come to terms with it.

Doskozil announced this during a press conference on Tuesday. There was rave reviews in advance about the new Lower Austrian chairman Sven Hergovich.

Only a few days after the elections in Lower Austria and especially before the state elections in Carinthia and Salzburg in March and April respectively, it was the wrong time to discuss “how can we win elections again in the future”.

Addendum: “I will stick to that for the next few weeks at least.” It is thanks to the Carinthian governor Peter Kaiser and state party leader David Egger in Salzburg that they can now conclude the two elections in peace: “I will not make any contribution to that change,” says Doskozil.

Doskozil: Losing votes “not rocket science”
When asked about the SPÖ falling back to second place in polls behind the FPÖ and the subject at the national level, he said: “It’s not rocket science when you’re behind in polls and lose elections that you’re making mistakes.” internal so the process is absolutely necessary. As Egger also said, people are of course dissatisfied with these values, but these discussions should now be conducted internally.

The party leader of Burgenland did not want to discuss whether Rendi-Wagner is undisputed as chairman. The focus should be on the positioning of the content. He referred here to that of the Burgenland state party with the minimum wage, free kindergarten or care.

SPÖ must make way for younger forces
As for the outgoing leader of the Lower Austrian state party, Franz Schnabl, Doskozil pointed out that he took over the SPÖ at a historically difficult time and thanks him. However, it failed to achieve the goals.

For Schnabl, the withdrawal was a “painful step”, but the right one for the party to renew itself and make way for younger forces. With Hergovich they “definitely made a good choice”. At the age of only 34, he had been in charge of the labor market service for some time. There is therefore praise for him in advance, according to the governor.

Source: Krone


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