“An Impertinence” – Report on Child Poverty: Now Basic Security Debate


Living with fungus, going to the mall to warm up: the research on boy poverty is now fueling the political debate. The SPÖ advocates the introduction of basic security.

Unbelievable: According to data from Statistics Austria, 368,000 children and young people in the “welfare state of Austria” are affected by poverty and the associated exclusion. However, the current heating season and extensive price increases have exacerbated this situation. A current survey by Volkshilfe and Gesundheit Austria among more than 100 people living in poverty

cold and mold
Parents now show that many families live in unhealthy living conditions and seek protection in public spaces, such as shopping malls, partly because of the cold and mold in their own four walls. In addition, three out of four children in private households even have to put on winter clothes on the street in order to be protected from the cold in the living room. The experts are now calling for basic child security, as Germany is already planning, so that families can receive means-tested financial support in addition to child benefit.

SPÖ wants basic security, FPÖ calls for new elections
Making politics on the backs of those affected can be criticized, but it is apparently urgently necessary, and so the “red” social partners of the Labor Chamber and especially the trade unions stepped out to finally take the necessary steps. It is said that the republic should have presented a national action plan to reduce child poverty as early as March 2022.

“We have been waiting for a year for the government to take measures so that children and young people do not have to grow up in poverty,” criticizes Silvia Hruška-Frank of the Vienna Workers’ Chamber. SPÖ MP Josef Muchitsch also signaled political failure at the highest level: “Child poverty is unashamed, especially in a wealthy country like Austria. Let’s end them,” the trade unionist said. The FPÖ proposes that the federal government resign and hold new elections. The 368,000 affected children and young people have to wait

Source: Krone


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