Polaschek to teachers: – Bureaucracy problem not known nationally


Education Minister Martin Polaschek (ÖVP) irritated the union with his response to an open letter from the Viennese school principals. As reported, they had complained about the bureaucracy’s “permanent overload” and called for a roundtable with the education department and the city.

Polaschek’s office said no such problems were known from federal schools or other states. For “Vienna-specific problems”, such as software solutions, the city is mainly in demand as a school operator. In addition, two aid packages have already been launched. These include, for example, secretarial staff in compulsory schools, reduced staff meetings and surveys, and the suspension of internal evaluation. The ministry also regularly exchanges information with the teachers’ representatives.

However, the problem exists nationwide, the union emphasized. School principals and teaching staff have been “sinking into administration, bureaucracy and pointless questions” for years – in all states. The trade union has therefore been arguing for years for less bureaucracy and more support staff, so that administrators and teachers can once again concentrate on their core tasks. These are pedagogy, education and upbringing.

staff shortage is imminent
Education Minister Martin Polaschek (ÖVP) and his cabinet argued that the authorities sometimes did not even know what the reality was in schools and how high the burdens already were. “If we don’t take immediate measures to reduce the load on the school grounds, we will cause many more disruptions in the coming weeks due to the high load and the problem will get worse,” fears the representative of the top teachers, Paul. Kimberger (FCG).

He now has weekly conversations with several school administrators who want to return to the classroom, with teachers who want to leave the school system altogether, and with newcomers who have imagined the job differently. In addition, his colleague Thomas Krebs knows from exchanges with representatives of other federal states that there are similar problems as in Vienna.

The union sees the Education Renewal Act of 2017 as the reason for the high costs. All related administrative changes must take place in one go.

Source: Krone


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