Asiron gets the baton from Pamplona today thanks to the motion of censure


The debate and voting start at 12 noon. Ibarrola has assured that after the motion he will leave the city hall “with his head held high and through the main entrance”. UPN has invited affiliated companies to support Ibarrola. Asiron, for his part, has asked for “respect, peace and joy.”

The plenary session of the Pamplona City Council will debate this Thursday in an extraordinary session the motion of censure against the city’s mayor, Cristina Ibarrola. The motion of censure used to be presented on December 13by the municipal groups EH Bildu, PSNGeroa Bai and Mixed Group.

The debate and voting will begin 12:00 noon in the plenary hall of the town hall live on The plenary session in which the motion is discussed is chaired by an Age Table, consisting of: Koldo Martinezeldest councilor, from Geroa Bai municipal group, and Aitor Silgadoyoungest councilor and member of UPN.

The municipal clerk is responsible for checking the quorum which validates the composition of the meeting and provides instructions for its holding.

Councilor Koldo Martínez, as a member of the Age tablewill read the motion of censure in full and then give the floor to the candidate for mayor, Joseba Asiron, for a maximum of ten minutes. After him, Mayor Cristina Ibarrola will speak for the same time.

Once both interventions have been completed, the intervention of the spokespersons of the municipal groups that request it will be articulated, for a maximum time of three minutes every spokesperson. The groups will intervene in order from highest to lowest representation, the Pamplona City Council explained in a note.

Once the debate has concluded, the to vote of the motion of censure and will be submitted by roll call, in alphabetical order of surnames. Council members must vote loudlyexpressing their position with yes, no or abstention.

After counting the votes, the mayor will be sworn in at the Municipal Corporation, an act that will take place in the center of the Plenary Hall, where the new mayor must ensure oath or promise of his position. The chairman of the Age Board, Koldo Martínez, will resign later the baton, the badge and the medal from the city.

Once invested, Joseba Asiron will take the position of chairman of the plenary meeting, in the center of the session table, as mayor, and then adjourn the session.

There are calls five mobilizations for this morning. The first meeting will take place at 10 a.m. on Town Hall Square under the motto “Bizi Iruñea.” This is a protest called by a person whose consent was sought on November 28, before he knew there would be a motion of censure. The second concentration takes place an hour later, at 11 a.m. A few meters from the town hall square, in the Plaza de los Burgos, supporters of Mayor Ibarrola gather under the slogan ‘Enough of the stupid things’.

Half an hour later, the third will begin, promoted by supporters of the Asiron government, to celebrate “the beginning of a new era.” At the same time, the right will continue to protest in the Plaza de los Burgos, convened by the Democratic Junta under the slogan “It is not sanchismo, it is partitocracy.” Finally, UPN sent a letter to the bases asking them to come to the Plaza Consistorial to express their support for Ibarrola and his government partners.

Photo: EFE

“I’m going outside out the front door with my head held high but for a few days now I have been hearing insults from ordinary people,” Ibarrola assured in statements to the media, while ironically reflecting that he certainly wants to support his departure from “these democratic and respectful people” who “are committed to keeping us to insult” and “spit on us” in Curia Street. UPN has invited members to support Ibarrola at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with a note.

Ibarrola has assured that the office of the mayor of EH Bildu will bring “Basque”, imposition, “ikurriñas”, “backwards” and “gathering only with those who think like them and in their beach bars”, just as, so has he assured, that could be. considering the legislature two years ago, when Joseba Asiron also governed the city.

For his part, Asiron asked for it “respect, peace and joy” for today. In a video published on the EH Bildu de Pamplona profile on the social network of party, not a day for confrontation.

“It’s the day it opens a new time. It is a day of happiness that goes beyond the provocations that might come,” he emphasized. That’s why he asked for “respect, calm and joy” for this Thursday. “Respect for those who think differently, calm in the face of the anger of some and joy for what has been achieved, but above all for what is yet to come,” he emphasized.

Source: EITB


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