The National Court will also investigate the espionage of ministers Grande-Marlaska and Planas. to investigate


Last week, the same Supreme Court judge opened an espionage lawsuit against Pedro Sánchez and Secretary Margarita Robles, using their cell phones with the Pegasus program.

The judge of the National Court, José Luis Calama, has admitted an extension of the complaint related to political espionage with the Pegasus tool of the mobile devices of the Ministers of the Interior and Agriculture, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Luis Planas.

Calama made this decision after receiving the letter from the prosecutor stating that the two mobile phones contracted the infection in June 2021, according to the two reports prepared by the National Cryptologic Center.

Last week, Calama announced the secrecy of this investigation at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Supreme Court, after it admitted the first complaint of the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the infection of the mobile phones of the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro. Sanchez and Defense Secretary Margarita Robles.

According to two reports from the National Cryptologic Center, it is known that in the case of Sánchez, the cell phone infection occurred on May 19 and 31, 2021; and in the month of June in the case of Robles, and that currently none of the cellphones analyzed show “indicators of ongoing Pegasus infection”.

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Source: EITB


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