Ex-minister Kneissl moves to St. Petersburg for a job at the university


A day after her commitment to the Siberian tigers became known, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl announced on Tuesday that a move to Russia was imminent. Due to her work in a think tank at the State University, she moves to Saint Petersburg. The metropolis is also the birthplace of Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin.

“I co-founded and led the GORKI Center. Because there is a lot of work there and the center needs a lot of attention, I cannot do this on the side and I have decided to move to St. Petersburg for this work,” Kneissl told the state news agency TASS.

Will Kneissl also accept citizenship?
The announcement comes as no surprise: in June, the Austrian stated on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that she was seriously considering moving to Russia, but at the same time was not ready for Russian citizenship. Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom she danced at her wedding in Gamlitz, southern Styria, in August 2018, could naturalize her at any time by decree, as could other celebrities such as Gérard Depardieu or Steven Seagal. If she had not previously received permission from the Austrian authorities for dual citizenship, Kneissl would most likely lose her Austrian citizenship in this case.

Kneissl also seems to be friendly to Russia during the war in Ukraine
After a stopover in France, Kneissl, who described himself as a “political refugee” and complained about a “de facto work ban” in Austria, last lived in Lebanon. In recent months she has spent more time in Russia, attending major official events and spending the summer in a village in the province. In a Telegram channel, she also positioned herself as an animal rights activist and spread messages about an animal shelter in Moscow that was looking for owners of boxer dogs. She also wrote about geopolitics and supported the Kremlin’s vision.

Source: Krone


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