“Hate from Austria” – Kneissl in Russia: “Grateful to be here”


Austria’s former foreign minister, Karin Kneissl, has confirmed details of a media report that her ponies were brought to St. Petersburg from Syria on a Russian Air Force transport plane. At the same time, she said she was “grateful” to live in Russia and complained about the “hatred” she received from Austria.

She had the opportunity “to accompany a Russian transport flight on the way back from Syria to Russia, for which I am very grateful,” the former politician wrote in Telegram on Wednesday.

In Lebanon “to survive”
Lebanon, where she had her books, clothes and ponies shipped from Marseille via DHL in June 2022 due to her “deportation from France,” was an interim solution to survive, Kneissl explained. Now she is building an institute in St. Petersburg. “If the security situation in Syria had been different, I would have hired a land transporter,” Kneissl said. Due to the sanctions there are no flights or DHL, she explained the transport flight from Syria.

“Hate amazes me”
She criticized the fact that her move to Austria was becoming a political issue, noting that there was apparently nothing going on in Austria and Germany except an economic crisis. “The hatred coming from Austria doesn’t just surprise me – and it has been that way for years,” wrote the former politician, who announced her move to Russia on Tuesday.

In any case, she seems to feel comfortable there: she is “grateful to be here – among the people,” the ex-minister wrote on Telegram and posted photos of the evening atmosphere on the Pacific Ocean in Vladivostok. There Kneissl took part in the Eastern Economic Forum. In early August she was also spotted at a Russian village festival (see video above). She had rented a house in the village for the summer.

Source: Krone


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