fall in the fall? – School fight! Federal government cancels corona support hours


Major problems arise between Vienna and the Ministry of Education. This concerns extra resources for the coming school year, which are not only needed because of the pandemic.

In schools, the current return to normalcy is accompanied by autumn concerns. Problems are inevitable, as evidenced by a dispute currently brewing between Vienna and the ministry. It concerns the funds made available by the federal government for Corona support hours, which expire when the school closes. This includes 566 permanent jobs in Vienna alone.

The need will only be increased in the fall
“Should special support hours be needed in the autumn due to the Covid situation, the federal government will take the necessary measures quickly and unbureaucratically,” the ministry nobly describes that there is no extension for the time being.

There is a lot of uncertainty at the base level. Especially because the number of students is constantly increasing and the teacher shortage is already dramatic. The Vienna Parents’ Association urges early planning: “It would be embarrassing to sleep through a third summer,” says chairman Karl Dwulit.

Additional Resources for Kids from Ukraine
Corona is not the only challenge. To date, 2,570 children from Ukraine have received a school place in Vienna. “We are investigating to what extent additional resources are needed from the federal government in connection with the crisis in Ukraine,” the cabinet said. There is also a separate supplement to the job plan.

Schools must be able to plan for the long term
But when? Because the locations now need to know how many staff will be available for the coming school year. “Schools have long planning periods. Two weeks before school starts, we can recruit more difficult teachers,” said director of education Heinrich Himmer.

Source: Krone


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