After the elections in South Tyrol – Mattle: “Now the skill of Kompatscher is required”


Despite bitter losses, Tyrolean state governor Anton Mattle (ÖVP) declared that his South Tyrolean counterpart Arno Kompatscher and his South Tyrolean People’s Party (SVP) had conducted an “ambitious election campaign” on the day after the state elections. Mattle now hopes for a stable government – ​​despite the ‘fragmented party landscape’. There were also reactions from the Tyrolean FPÖ and the Greens.

“In times of multiple crises, it is difficult for governing parties to convince people of stability and progress,” Mattle said in view of the SVP’s losses. Now Kompatscher’s ‘experience and skills’ are needed in forming a government.

“Clear mandate from the government”
Mattle pointed out that the SVP remains “by far the strongest force with a clear government mandate.” “There are no easy answers to the complex challenges of our time, even though populists like to say the opposite,” said the Tyrolean governor, who looks forward to further “good cooperation” with Kompatscher.

FPÖ: SVP crash self-inflicted
Meanwhile, the Tyrolean FPÖ congratulated the South Tyrolean Freedom Party, the South Tyrolean Freedom Party and the JWA list. “The popular, patriotic parties won the elections,” said party leader Markus Abwerzger. The SVP’s crash was self-inflicted and the party was “punished” by the voters. “A clear position is needed against the gradual abolition of autonomy and in favor of preserving freedom,” the state party leader emphasized.

Greetings from the Greens
Tyrolean Green Party leader Gebi Mair was also in a celebratory mood about the result. He celebrated “the strongest Green result in history in the South Tyrolean state parliament.” The Greens would now assume their responsibility as a “sensible, progressive and ecological political force”. At the same time, a loss of 15 percent for the “right-wing government coalition” is “more than clear”, the club chairman said in the Tyrolean state parliament. “The SVP has deviated more and more to the right and has finally lost its claim to be a collective party,” said the leader of the Green State Party.

The ruling South Tyrolean People’s Party suffered a significant electoral defeat in the state elections on Sunday. According to the preliminary official final result, the party led by the top candidate and LH Kompatscher fell by 7.4 percentage points from 41.9 percent in the 2018 elections to 34.5 percent – ​​a new low. The SVP loses two mandates and will in future have 13 of the 35 mandates in the South Tyrolean state parliament. It is therefore likely that at least a three-party coalition will flourish.

Source: Krone


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