Junts-PSOE negotiations, war in Gaza and assessment of Kontseilua


Summary of the most important news that eitb.eus will publish today.

These are the topics that monopolize it main headlines from Tuesday November 7:

Junts-PSOE negotiations: JxCat and PSOE continued negotiations yesterday, Monday, from Brussels seeking an agreement to unblock the investiture by Pedro Sánchez, with a new exchange of proposals on the amnesty law.

War in Gaza: The Dead people during the Israeli attacks on Gaza There are already more than 10,000, in a month of offensive, according to data from the Ministry of Health of the Strip. Israeli casualties reach 1,430, most during attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian militias on October 7. A total of 10,022 people were killed in Gaza, the vast majority in indiscriminate bombings by the Israeli army, although ground attacks by the Israeli army also resulted in fatalities.

Kontseilua’s review: Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua will be a evaluation of the demonstration held last Saturday in Bilbao. They also present a documented developed in response to the latest attacks on language rights.

Source: EITB


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