Interview with Aitor Esteban on Radio Euskadi about the investiture agreement between PNV and PSOE


Asked why this has led them to trust Sánchez again after he failed to fulfill the pact of the last term, he said that trust is being won “step by step.” “Because some transfers have not yet been completed, we do not need to go through everything,” he said.

The PNV spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, visited on Monday the studios of the “Faktoria” program of Euskadi Irratia, where he gave his opinion on the pact reached with the PSOE, ahead of the new term of office of the acting President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez. The agreement guarantees ongoing transfers and “negotiations on the national recognition of Euskadi.”

When asked why this is the reason that they trust Sánchez again after he failed to fulfill the pact of the last term, he replied that trust is earned ‘step by step’. “Because some transfers have not been fulfilled, we do not have to go through everything. The agreements.” are never fully fulfilled, that’s my experience, that’s life and that’s politics. I have to believe that when someone signs an agreement, it is meant to be fulfilled. “I also know that I will have to push and fight for this, but that is my job and that is what I will do,” he said.

Regarding Sánchez’s new term, Esteban has a complicated path. “I assume that the first budget will go through and that will at least give us stability for two years. We don’t know what will happen from then on. It is clear that there are many parties, so we will need a large consensus when it comes to approving the bills,” he clarified.

It cannot be ruled out in the future common strategies with Junts. He also has no doubt that the discrepancies between PNV and EH Bildu could widen, although “we can also agree on many things.” “It’s time to leave Madrid out of the equation focus on ours. We are more aware of Madrid than of what is happening here,” he concludes.

Source: EITB


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