Kickl elusive? – Chairman: “Think about the day AFTER the elections”


In the first double interview with the Federal President and his wife, Alexander Van der Bellen also comments on political questions. When asked about FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl, who is leading in all polls, the first man in the state advises not only to think about election Sunday, but especially about the day after the elections.

Conny Bischofberger met the “First Couple” in the Hofburg to talk about their teamwork, common projects, attitudes and concerns as well as current political issues in the Hofburg.

Skepticism about automatism?
Alexander Van der Bellen had indicated in the ORF interview that he was skeptical about an automatic task in which the first person in the National Council elections would be given the task of forming a government. Would he stick to it? “It’s still too early for that,” the president said tensely.

“What would Kickl mean at the top of the state?”
When asked about the polls, according to which Kickl is ahead of the SPÖ and ÖVP, Van der Bellen advises to think about the day AFTER the elections. “I ask you to also keep an eye on election Monday. What would it mean, for example, if Kickl were at the head of the state if, for example, questions arose about European policy?”

“Hugely benefited from the EU”
At the time, Austria approved accession to the EU with two-thirds of the vote and benefited enormously economically from the single market and the EU’s eastern expansion.

Coalition government “safe”
Federal President Van der Bellen also points out that we will need a coalition government again after the elections. “It’s as sure as Amen in prayer.”

“Of course you’re annoyed”
When asked what she thinks of the harsh tone in politics, including towards her husband, his wife says: “Of course some of the tones irritate you, but you should not get stuck in this anger. “We always try to refute such statements with something positive,” says Doris Schmidauer, but it does not always leave her indifferent.

You can read the full interview with Alexander Van der Bellen and Doris Schmidauer, his closest advisor, on Sunday in the “Krone” and on Krone+.

Source: Krone


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