Pamplona’s tripartite government is launched, which extends budgets until new bills are approved


Pamplona already received budget extensions from 2021. The new municipal council will have eight delegated councilors and two special councilors.

The Pamplona City Council, through a mayoral resolution, has approved the procedure to proceed with the extension of municipal budgets, as new budgets for the city have not been approved before December 31.

In this way the current budget is maintained in force until the plenary agrees on new accounts. This extension is a necessary procedure so that the municipal council can continue to function in the new financial year and make regular payments, the municipal council reports.

Pamplona already had budgets extended from 2021the last year in which the municipal plenary agreed on the city’s expenditure and revenue.

Eight delegated councils and two special councils

On the other hand, they announced on Friday that the new municipal council will have eight delegated councilors and two special councilors. This has been approved by the Mayor of Pamplona, Joseba Asirónthrough a mayoral decree, which delegates responsibility for the various management areas of the Pamplona City Council to the councilors of EH Bildu, Geroa Bai and Contigo Zurekin.

In concrete terms, an area of ​​Human Resources, Finance and Responsible Contracting will be created, which will be led by Councilor Garbiñe Bueno (EH Bildu). There will also be an area of ​​Strategic Governance, Urban Planning, Housing and Agenda 2030, directed by Joxe Abaurrea (EH Bildu). The area of ​​Culture, Celebrations and Education will fall under Maider Beloki (EH Bildu), while Security and Coexistence of Citizens will have Endika Alonso as delegated councilor (EH Bildu).

For his part, Borja Izagirre (EH Bildu) will take on the Habitable and Sustainable City department; and Zaloa Basabe (EH Bildu), that of equality, community action and neighbourhoods. From the latter will depend a special Department of Citizen Participation and the Basque Country, adopted by Aitziber Campión (EH Bildu).

Geroa Bai’s spokesperson in the Pamplona City Council, Koldo Martínez, will be responsible for the areas of economic promotion, innovation, European projection, development cooperation and youth. And the special department of Innovation, European Projection and Development Cooperation, taken over by Mikel Armendáriz, also councilor of Geroa Bai, will depend on this area. For his part, the councilor of the Mixed Group-Contigo Zurekin, Txema Mauleón, will take charge of the Delegated Council for Social Action.

However, all these new names will not take effect until the next day January 16.

Source: EITB


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