Innsbruck attack – The robber lost loot during his escape, now arrested


A 30-year-old in Innsbruck certainly imagined the outcome of this robbery differently: the man allegedly attacked a 59-year-old at Innsbruck’s main station on Friday, and then probably wanted to flee with his wallet. But he didn’t get far…

Apparently for no reason, police say, the 30-year-old Syrian attacked the 59-year-old local resident outside the main entrance of the train station shortly before noon on Friday. He allegedly attacked the man with his fists and pushed him to the ground, causing the victim to lose his wallet, among other things. The suspected robber grabbed the wallet, which contained several hundred euros, and tried to flee.

The 59-year-old defended himself
But the 59-year-old managed to detain the younger man and a scuffle broke out. Finally, the Syrian allegedly pushed the robbery victim to the ground again and fled. However, the suspected robber lost his loot – the wallet and its contents – so the robber was able to regain it a short time later.

The police soon found it
The police were alerted and immediately started a search for the suspect. One of the many patrols was finally able to arrest him less than half an hour later. According to the police, the suspect confessed during an initial interrogation and is now at large.

Source: Krone


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