“No majority” – Easier access to naturalization: Zadic refuses


Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens) welcomed President Alexander Van der Bellen’s proposal on Sunday to facilitate access to citizenship. “The green position is very clear, we see it as the Federal President,” she said in the “ZiB 2”. The Greens can imagine relief ‘very well’, but there is no parliamentary majority for that. This legislature will not be brought together, explains Zadic.

When he announced his re-election a few days ago, the Federal President spoke out in favor of facilitating naturalization: the barriers to obtaining citizenship are “too high”.

Zadic: ‘Not included in government program’
For example, one could also discuss the deeper meaning behind the fact that, for example, a German who has lived in Austria for 20 years does not acquire dual citizenship. However, Zadic explained in the “ZiB 2” that the government program does not provide for this.

Nehammer: ‘No softening of citizenship’
This promptly prompted a clear no from Chancellor Karl Nehammer. There will be no easing of citizenship at the ÖVP, “that is out of the question”, he told the “Krone”. The co-ruling Greens have stated that there will be no changes.

Nehammer sees “no reason why anything should change in current practice”; According to the chancellor, the Greens have already committed during the government negotiations that there will be no changes in the issue of citizenship law. The ÖVP boss does not understand why this topic is now coming up in the presidential election campaign. The FPÖ also reacted negatively.

Earlier, Interior Minister Gerhard Karner on the part of the ÖVP over the push from Van der Bellen, who came from the ranks of the Greens, had said he saw “no need for change”.

Source: Krone


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