Elkarrekin Podemos regrets that Sumar considers an agreement impossible and that they “do not listen” to those who ask for unity


The candidate for lehendakari of Elkarrekin Podemos, Miren Gorrotxategi, confirms that the purple party has done “the possible and the impossible” to be able to conclude a unity agreement with Sumar.

The candidate for lehendakari of Elkarrekin-Podemos, Miren Gorrotxategi, has indicated that It is a shame” that Sumar “has closed” the possibility “for a unity agreement” in Euskadi, responding to Lander Martínez, who confirmed in the ETB-1 program Egun On today that he considers the talks with the formation to be “solid” in light of the regional elections.

We have done the possible and the impossible so that this unity agreement was a fact,” complained Gorrotxategi, after learning of the Sumar leader’s statements.

The Elkarrekin Podemos candidate emphasized that she herself was prepared to “step aside if necessary”.

“Unfortunately, there is a part of this space that does not listen to the left-wing majority of the citizens of Euskadi, nor to those who have asked for unity,” Gorrotxategi said. Still, he emphasized that Elkarrekin Podemos “will continue to represent this space, as we have done so far.”

Source: EITB


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