NA+ would be the most voted power in Pamplona, ​​but would lose two representatives


EH Bildu would gain more support (+3.3%), which would translate to one more councilor, up to 8. Vox would join the consistory for the first time, and both PSN and Geroa Bai would retain current representation.

Euskaraz irakurri: NA+ izango litzateke indar bozkatuena Iruñean, baina bi zinegotzi galduko lituzke

NA+ would be the most voted force in Pamplona if municipal elections were to be held now, according to the EITB Group’s 27th Macro Survey. Anyway, would lose two councilors and 6.1% support by the inhabitants of Pamplona.

This new wave of EITB FOCUS has been implemented when there is still one year left to call the municipal elections, which were to be held on the last Sunday of May 2023. Today EITB publishes the third and final part, this time on the elections to Parliament and capital of Navarre.

This is how the NA+ coalition would continue in the the same downward trend that is predicted the polls also for the Navarrese parliament, although it would be the first force in either case.

Voting intention for Pamplona. Image: EITB MEDIA

EH Bildu, on the other hand, would get four more points in percentage of the vote, and manages to go from 7 to 8 representatives.

The novelty in the Pamplona Consistory would come from the hand of Vox, who would succeed in having a representative for the first time, after voting intent went from 1.1% to 5.2%.

psnas in Parliament, would love the support of the previous election nomination, with five mayors.

Sixth, Left-Ezkerra, and seventh, Podemos, would be omitted, by not getting any mayor, like in 2019.

Voting intention for Pamplona.  Image: EITB MEDIA

Voting intention for Pamplona. Image: EITB MEDIA


Joseba Assyron (EH Bildu) is presented as the highest-rated political leader in Pamplona, ​​with an average score of 5.5, ahead of Patxi leuza (Geroa Bai), who closes with a 5th group of the only representatives to be approved.

Enrique Maya (NA+), political leader at the head of the city council, gets a score of 4.3, only for Maite sporrin (PSN), harvesting an average of 3.8.

Assessment and knowledge of Enrique Maya.  Image: EITB MEDIA

Assessment and knowledge of Enrique Maya. Image: EITB MEDIA


The methodology used for the preparation of this study is quantitative, using the telephone interview technique. This research technique makes it possible to respond to all proposed objectives and to obtain results with a maximum validity and reliability with which to act effectively.

The population constituting the research universe is made up of the group of people aged 18 years or older, living in Navarre, who carried out the fieldwork from 2 to 4 May 2022. A stratified sample was carried out, with the determination being proportional to quota, also using quantitative methods.

Data sheet:

650 people living in Navarre (400 in Pamplona/Iruñea and 250 in the rest of Nafarroa). Em= ±3.84%, 95% confidence level, p=q=0.5, for Nafarroa data and ±4.89% for Pamplona/Iruñea data. Sample stratified by municipality, gender and age. 9.4% of the surveys were conducted in Basque and the remaining 90.6% in Spanish. Total results weighted by population size of the surveyed municipalities.

The fieldwork was conducted from 2 to 4 May 2022 by means of a telephone interview. The average duration of the survey was 6.03′, with the shortest survey being 5′ and the longest 18′.

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Source: EITB


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