Voting on Father’s Day – This is how the candidates spend election Sunday


The top candidates of the seven parties participating in the EU elections will all go to the polls in person on Sunday. From the afternoon onwards, political events will focus on the federal capital: there, after the first trend forecast has been published, all candidates will gather in the House of the European Union.

Early bird Reinhold Lopatka is the first to cast his vote. The ÖVP top candidate will cast his vote at 8 a.m. in his hometown of Greinbach in the Styrian district of Hartberg-Fürstenfeld. Also early is the Green top candidate Lena Schilling, who will vote in Vienna-Meidling at 9 a.m. Not far away, in Vienna-Mariahilf, the KPÖ’s top candidate, Günther Hopfgartner, makes his move at a polling station in the Sisters of Mercy Hospital.

At 11 a.m. NEOS candidate Helmut Brandstätter wants to exercise his voting rights in Viennese currency. At the same time, the first person on the DNA list, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, will cast her vote in the Styrian capital Graz. SPÖ top candidate Andreas Schieder votes at 11:30 am in his residential area in Vienna-Leopoldstadt. Liberal top candidate Harald Vilimsky, who goes to the polls in Vienna-Landstrasse at 2:30 p.m., is having the most comfortable time.

Meeting at the House of the European Union
After the trend forecasts are published at 5 p.m., all seven top candidates will meet at the House of the European Union in the city center. In the media center set up there, predictions for the election results in Austria and other EU countries are commented on and discussed. Results may only be published after 11 p.m.

Election parties planned – vote in doubt
The parties’ election contests will still begin in the afternoon and the vote will largely depend on trend forecasts. The ÖVP holds its celebration in front of the federal party headquarters in Lichtenfelsgasse. The liberal election party takes place next door in the Vino Wien restaurant. The SPÖ meets in the Marx Palace in Vienna-Landstrasse. The Greens are in the Metropol in Vienna-Hernals, the pink election party takes place in a bar near the Heumarkt. The KPÖ meets in the restaurant of its top candidate, Café Siebenstern in Vienna-Neubau. In the same area at the 25hours Hotel, Lijst DNA will also celebrate election night from 4 p.m.

Source: Krone


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