Macron would win the election, but would be far from an absolute majority in the National Assembly


According to initial forecasts, the French president’s coalition would win 218 of the 289 seats needed for an absolute majority.

Euskaraz irakurri: Macrons koalizioak irabaziko lituzke Frantziako hauteskundeak, baina gehiengo osoa galduta

The first forecasts of the second round of the French parliamentary elections give to the coalition ‘Together!’ who supports President Emmanuel Macron in total 218 seatsfar from the 289 needed for an absolute majority.

The second political force would thus be the new popular ecological and social union (nupes), which would win 156 seats, while the far-right National Group would retain 89 seats. The conservative Republicans and their allies would get 78 seats.

The French National Assembly has a total of 577 seats, so it is necessary to add 289 seats to guarantee an absolute majority that allows the legislative processing of the government initiatives.

These forecasts are based on first counts of a sample of French electoral colleges selected for their representativeness and provide more accurate figures than surveys.

With regard to the investigations, SFR conducted a study for BFMTV and ‘L’Express’ representing the coalition ¡Juntos! between 205 and 235 seats. Nupes would get between 170 and 190 seats and Agrupación Nacional between 75 and 95. The Republicans would get between 60 and 75 seats.

‘Le Figaro’ publishes an Ifop survey that predicts between 210 and 250 seats for ¡Juntos!, between 150 and 180 for Nupes and between 80 and 100 for Agrupación Nacional. The Republicans would win between 60 and 70 seats, results that represent a “historic setback” for Macron for this newspaper.

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Source: EITB


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