“Slap in the face” – inflation and migration: Doskozil speaks plainly


Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil warns of a new refugee crisis, talks about unrealistic politicians about inflation and red/pink/green.

The government is under pressure. The SPÖ profits in polls and is consistently about ten percent ahead of the Chancellor. A bold red gives the “Krone” ratings on explosive issues: Burgenland’s regional chef Hans Peter Doskozil. You have conditions like 2015. Refugee crisis. “We currently have at least 1,000 arrests a week in Burgenland.” Despite the increased presence of police and army. The supply will again take place in tents, initial investigations can no longer be carried out. “The police can no longer carry out their duties,” said the social democrat. Detained persons are taken to other federal states.

“At the Austrian and European level, nothing has been done to change the system of asylum policy and remove the basis for people smuggling. It is said that the Balkan route is closed, but not closed,” notes Doskozil. A system of procedures is needed, starting at the EU’s external border, suggesting that the road to Europe is pointless.

About crisis management and coalition variants
“Abolishing cold progression is important. But there is no concrete proposal yet,” says Doskozil about the inflation problem. He criticizes the “watering can. Prices are rising. Paying someone $250 a month with $1300 is a slap in the face to those affected. The politicians who decide that don’t know what it’s like to live like that.”

Doskozil advocates skimming utility profits. “Yet people need to be prepared for life to become more expensive. And if we do not find a solution to the gas problem, we will close. That affects the economy and therefore the people.” The government is also taking too much restraint in the climate crisis. “In Burgenland, we want to be completely independent from gas and oil by 2030. With photovoltaics and wind energy”, the governor indicates the direction.

“Even the SPÖ has to jump over their shadow”
Politicians are currently experiencing a major loss of confidence. “If the parties do not recognize the signals, they will be presented with the bill in the next election.” In the ÖVP, in the Kurz era, “decency has been lost. If the ÖVP is not in power for a while, it can only do the republic good”. But the SPÖ also has to jump over their shadow. “If she gets the confidence, then it would be a good alternative with green and pink.” In general, more people are needed who speak clear language, says the SPÖ state leader, who is known for clear language. “You often offend, even in your own party, if you have your own opinion. Having party friends is special. But I don’t feel sorry for myself.”

Source: Krone


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