Causa price increase – Kickl: “Special meeting will be a sour plague for SPÖ”


On Monday, at the request of the SPÖ, the FPÖ set out its idea for the special session of the National Council on Tuesday. Party leader Herbert Kickl speaks of an “acid test for the SPÖ”, which, like the turquoise-green coalition in the federal government, recently rejected the PVV’s anti-inflation package. The government’s “nonsensical corona measures” have caused an avalanche of costs and the situation is exacerbated by sanctions against Russia. With all this, the Coalition Social Democrats would have built the wall.

“With Tuesday’s special session, price arsonist SPÖ now wants to act as a fire brigade. But the population will see through this transparent spectacle,” Kickl emphasized in a broadcast.

And added: “The Austrians have nothing to expect from the ÖVP and the Greens anyway. But the SPÖ is also not credible in terms of inflation, because where it can act itself, it raises the costs for the citizens – see Vienna. Due to the Valorisation Act, the rates for water, sewerage and waste processing are rising enormously,” says Kickl.

As the largest apartment owner in Vienna’s municipal housing sector, the SPÖ has been a cost center for rent and operating expenses for years. According to Kickl, SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner herself contributed to the explosion of energy and food prices.

SPÖ leader accuses government of “inactivity”.
Last Saturday, the SPÖ submitted the request for a special session of the National Council. The groups agreed on Tuesday as the date. Rendi-Wagner raised the issue in a press conference on Saturday, accusing the government of inaction. She argued for a wage cut, an inflation adjustment of pensions, a tax cut on fuel, gas and electricity and the withdrawal of the rent increase. At just under seven percent, inflation in Austria is at its highest level in 40 years. “It’s not dirt,” Rendi-Wagner says.

Sachslehner: ‘SPÖ must sweep before its own door’
The ÖVP did not accept Rendi-Wagner’s charge of “inactivity”. “Instead of constantly pointing the finger at the federal government, Social Democracy should put its own house in order,” said Secretary General Laura Sachslehner. And added: “Even if Rendi-Wagner doesn’t want to admit it, the federal government took effective measures from the start and relieved the citizens of four billion euros.”

ÖVP: Anti-inflation package brings families up to 800 euros
According to Sachslehner, this is ten times the relief in social-democratic Germany. “In addition, there is the tax reform of 18 billion euros. These are all important and correct measures to relieve the people in Austria, compensate for inflation and absorb higher prices,” said the secretary general of the ÖVP. The federal government’s first anti-inflation package alone brings families with a low income up to 800 euros.

Source: Krone


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