The Basque government asks for flexibility in the application of the measures and not to choose the sanctions route


The PSOE spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, has questioned whether the minister Arantxa Tapia “would rather do nothing and eventually close Basque companies”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Eusko Jaurlaritzak isunen bidea baztertzea eta malgutasuna eskatu du

The Minister of Sustainability of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapiaasked this Wednesday for “flexibility” in the application of energy-saving measures, and not to opt for the sanction route.

The Minister of Economic Development has pointed out that the Basque government “totally agree” and “alienated” from the EU in the need to reduce energy consumption, but has asked to be “flexible” in applying measures and “listen” to the different groups, taking into account that fines “are not the way”.

Tapia made these statements to the media on Wednesday after a visit to the sewage treatment plant in Aduna (Gipuzkoa)in which he hydrological and drought management plan in Euskadi.

“Euskadi has been complying with a law for 40 years that did not exist until yesterday,” the minister said, referring to the decree-law approved by the Spanish government, which includes the energy saving plan.

“The Basque Country has been obeying a law for 40 years that did not exist until yesterday”

The Basque Country has managed to use “50% less energy to carry out the same production as forty years ago”, Tapia stressed, saying that “this is the way to do it, a long-term policy”.

He has also referred to “bars and restaurants”who “have suffered a lot during the pandemic and now it is necessary to listen to them”.

The energy efficiency measures “are many” and “you can act in different ways”, Tapia indicated, indicating that if the Basque Country has managed to reduce its consumption by 50% “without any sanction, it will be able to doing this “because society is “mature”.

The PSOE spokesperson in Congress, patxi lopezhas said that the plan of the Spanish government searches not for “effectiveness”, but for “efficiency”and that “the efforts, which are not much, mean that greater evil is avoided.”

It has been asked whether Tapia “prefers to do nothing and Basque companies eventually close.”

Patxi López has requested that all institutions “lean your shoulder” in light of energy-saving measures that don’t involve “so much sacrifice”. “The rest – he added – are not supportive”.

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Source: EITB


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