Signal to Smuggler – Deportation Charter Started on the Balkan Route


A former chancellor declared the Balkan route closed – the reality is different. The Ministry of the Interior is now working with Bosnia.

The political mantra about the closed Balkan route is history. Thousands of illegal immigrants come (again) to Austria via this dangerous route. Now there is a strong signal from the Interior Ministry to the unscrupulous traffickers. Because a deportation charter from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Pakistan has been launched for the first time. Two young men were forcibly returned to their homes.

Cooperation between Austria and the “potential candidate for EU accession” is supported through the platform against illegal migration in Vienna. With good reason: because Pakistanis, who de facto have no chance of asylum, are already in the top 4 when it comes to applications.

Cobra officers train Bosnian escort teams
In addition, in the command center in Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria), the so-called escort teams (escort team) for deportation flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina are trained by the elite red-white-red Cobra police officers. One of the places to practice is in an airplane fuselage on site.

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner on local cooperation on the Balkan route: “The smuggling mafia is luring people to Europe with false promises. We must fight in the Western Balkans to stop these criminals in front of the borders of the European Union.”

Source: Krone


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